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Tom Grignon


Tom, originally from Washington, D. C., received a Bachelor of Music in Percussion Degree from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. Though trained in classical and jazz, Tom has worked in various music genres including pop, progressive, rock, country, R&B, jazz, blues, classical and fusion. Tom is currently located in Nashville, having previously worked in Washington D. C., Boston and Los Angeles. He is very active as a Nashville session and live drummer, drum teacher and composer.

Tom has recorded and/or toured with:

  • Country/Pop singer Trisha Yearwood
  • Country star Clay Walker
  • Bluegrass great Rhonda Vincent
  • Epic Records duo The Ellis Brothers
  • New Zealand’s Kylie Harris
  • R & B great Clifford Curry
  • Progressive Rock bands Black Orchid & Ancient Moon Orchestra
  • Bluegrass violin sensation DeAnn Whalen
  • Australian Kevin “Bloody” Wilson
  • Guitar wizard Anthony Terrezza
  • Jazz/Fusion bassist Ross Krutsinger
  • Classical composer and pianist Gunther Knapp
  • Country legend Johnny Russell
  • Singer/songwriter Stella Parton
  • Jazz great pianist/composer/sax player Jaki Byard
  • Jazz trombonists/composers Bill Watrous and Phil Wilson

Tom has toured extensively in the US, Canada and Europe. His TV appearances include Nashville Now, On Stage, The Grand Ole Opry TV Show, the Crook & Chase Show, music videos that have appeared on CMT, and a national TV commercial for Blu Blocker sunglasses.

Tom has been teaching drums and percussion for over 30 years. He has consistently maintained an active roster of 40 students per week over the past 7 years. These lessons are in a one-on-one private setting. His emphasis is on musicality, artistic interpretation and technique, concentrating on the snare drum, drums set and band percussion.

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