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Pilot 502
November 8, 2019
Pilot 502 LP Release is here! An unexpected mix of heavy rock drums and guitars with lighthearted catchy melodies and a vocal synthesizer.

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Bob Holz New Album

Jazz artist Bob Holz has released a new album, "Silverthorne" featuring Mike Stern and Randy Brecker on MVD Audio. Holz got his start playing nationally with guitar great Larry Coryell. Holz and Coryell recorded two albums together. Bob previously recorded with Mike Stern and Randy Brecker on his first album, A Vision Forward in 2015. Holz recorded with bassist Stanley Clarke on his most recent release, Visions: Coast to Coast Connection. Other musicians joining Holz on Silverthorne are bassist Ralphe Armstrong (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Alex Acuna (Weather Report), Brandon Fields (The Rippingtons), Jamie Glaser (Jean Luc Ponty), Ada Rovatti, Billy Steinway, Alex Machacek and Andrew Ford. The album features ten new originals by the Los Angeles based drummer and was released on February 8, 2019. The release comes off a busy run for Holz which included a show in Los Angeles at Catalina Jazz Club with legendary fusion guitarist Dean Brown....

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