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January 5, 2011
The following is coverage of DRUM! Magazine's Drummies. The info was taken from a press release of mine regarding this. The content came from Blabbermouth.net

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Drum Handling Equipment and Storage

The basic categories for drum handling equipment are dollies, cradles, lifters, carriers, and dumpers. For drum storage there are racks, cradle systems, and drum pallets. Drum dollies can be in a style very much like standard dollies, but designed to hold the round shape of drums. Although there are some variations of these dollies most function in a similar manor. Other styles of dollies can be round or oval carts that are pulled by a handle. The drum sits in the drum dolly in an upright position, and come in single and two drum models. Similar to this style of dolly is a drum cradle. The drum cradle looks somewhat like a wheel barrow without the bucket. The drum sits horizontal on the cradle then it is lifted and pushed by the handles. The drum cradles are a great option if you want to be able to pour from the drum as well as move it with one piece of equipment. Drum dollies can range in price from $50 - $600 depending on the type you...

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