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January 5, 2011
The following is coverage of DRUM! Magazine's Drummies. The info was taken from a press release of mine regarding this. The content came from Blabbermouth.net

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Less Is More

WHY LESS IS MORE Welcome to my first blog, and thanks for taking the time to read it. I aim to get one up around every 2 weeks and will also add photos/videos/written diaries of random touring/studio antics (which will no doubt prove entertaining!) and new drum equipment I am using as things start to happen throughout the year. 2013 has been really productive so far, lot’s of big plans are in place with Little Comets, my own personal projects of teaching /workshops/clinics are busier than ever and I had an early start with session work in January after a call from Andy Taylor which resulted in 3 weeks of drum sessions at Sonic Vista Studios in Ibiza. These recording sessions turned out to be a major success and created more opportunities for me to work with other musical people and projects in and around Ibiza. It’s always a blast working with Andy, along with the unfathomable stories he tells, you learn a hell of a lot about pl...

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It's been too long since I have been here....

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PDP Blackout Snare Drum
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blackboot Drum Setup 12-06-2015 17-09-08 drum setup by blackboot
blackboot's Drum Setup
blackboot Drum Setup 12-06-2015 15-51-24 drum setup by blackboot
blackboot's Drum Setup
blackboot Drum Setup 29-06-2012 13-55-30 drum setup by blackboot
blackboot's Drum Setup
Roadkill Studio Drum Setup 10-03-2011 09-08-11 drum setup by Roadkill
Roadkill's Drum Setup

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