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Harmonic Drumming

PASHA is one of the youngest and currently lesser-known drum solo artists who is not only practicing Semi Rhythmic and Melodic Drumming, PASHA is also developing new Harmonic Drumming, foot (Floating Feet) and balance drum techniques that he is already successfully using in the drumming field.

Harmonic Drumming -

Since the previous century professional drummers were trying to invent new techniques and to develop hardware that would satisfy their need of musicality and would allow them to perform complete compositions containing not only rhythm, but also the Melody...

Understanding Harmonic Drumming

Notes and Duration
"...Drum Set as an instrument that does not produce an actual notes (Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, etc...) and does not have an easy way to control the duration of notes, has a big limitations in design for producing melodies. But different sizes of drums do have a different pitch sounds. The pitch of different drums can be used to produce harmonic sounds and even a complete "melodies"!
- Still the Melodies will not contain any actual notes and because of that can not be performed in different Musical Keys but they will contain a good representation of the Harmonic Melody it self..."


Combination of Melodic Drumming developed by Terry Bozzio, with his own Harmonic Drumming and Multi Rhythmic Techniques allows PASHA to perform complete melodies on drums to accompany other instruments!

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