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Pasha - Audio Music Previews

PASHA is one of the youngest and currently lesser-known drum solo artists who is not only practicing Semi Rhythmic and Melodic Drumming, PASHA is also developing new Harmonic Drumming, foot (Floating Feet) and balance drum techniques that he is already successfully using in the drumming field.

A Little Explanation:
"In the beginning of this audio preview would like to demonstrate a Complex Rhythm that has been performed with Feet using Cow Bell, Snare, Hi Hat, and Double Bass to accompany violin section Rhythmically, while Simultaneously I am repeating and more than that Extending the Harmony of the composition Melodically with a Solo on Toms. -
Check it out!"

"And Now...
...I would like to point your attention to a part of another track from the same album where I am not repeating any melodies already present in the composition, but just adding a new ones..."

Take a listen to the 2019 LP Release called Pilot 502 that includes the above mentioned tracks by clicking the cover

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