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Get recognized at the Drummers Home! - DrumSoloArtist.com is helping all musicians - from beginners to the pro's to get the word out about themselves, their bands, news and musical achievements!

This is how It Works:
Want to share your Drum Solo with the rest of the world? Or just wanna play it for a broader range of listeners? - You are welcome to send it to us and we will post it at our Multimedia Section! - Did we mention? - You can Make Money with every download of your Drum Solo! Or maybe you want to promote your New CD, or any other News you may have about your self or your band - just send us your News article and we will post it in our News Section! Not only that - we will include your article with our News Letter. - Promote your Music Event by submitting it to the Music Events Calendar - and your event will be instantly up and ready to be viewed by millions!
- Those are just a Few examples of how Drum Solo Artist is promoting drummers, - so be creative and we will jump in and help you promoting your new Drum Solo, Band, Album, or anything else you may think of!
Get Your Word OUT at Drummers Home - the only address you need to remember - DrumSoloArtist.com!

The Fun Part:
* Create your profile page and tell everyone about yourself.
* Get on the drummers list.
* Send Us Your News Article and we will announce it in our News Letter and post it in our News Section.
* Submit your Music Related Events to the Music Events Calendar. - your Music Event will be instantly up!
* Got Drum Related questions? - Get your questions answered by pros at the Drum Forum.
* Share Your Pictures, music and thoughts, get to know other drummers or find a band at Drum Live
* Post and read drum related subjects at Drum Wiki. Explore broad range of articles from drum techniques to personal drum setups.
* Free Musicians Classifieds Section is here for all your "Classified" needs.
And if all of this is not enough, we also offer paid Music Advertising Programs.
Multimedia Section, Hundreds of Drum Links, over 2000 Drummers Biographies and Profiles, Drum Store and Drum Library are all located at the only address you need to remember - The Drummers Home  at www.DrumSoloArtist.com

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