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Semi Rhythmic Drumming -> Floating Feet

Soloing within a composition

To my knowledge, semi-rhythmic drumming is mainly used, if at all, for enhancements of drum solo acts, and I do that as well, but that is not the direction I am personally exploring. While using the semi-rhythmic drumming technique as a tool for drum solos. I decided to try to take it one step farther.

First of all, I developed skills and a setup that allow me to enhance the semi-rhythmic drumming techniques all together.

Floating Feet, as I call it, is one of my additions to semi-rhythmic drumming technique. The Floating Feet technique allows a drummer to reach and play two or more drum pedals with a single foot and without losing any balance.
This technique alone allows me to transform a single rhythm into a very complex rhythm section!

In those examples I am demonstrating Floating Feet technique which allows me to play the base rhythm section, using: double bass, one snare drum, hi hats, and a cowbell to rhythmically accompany Violin String Section, while simultaneously playing Melodic Solo that Harmonizes with the Violins on toms, floor toms, roto toms, snares, cymbals, and/or percussion using sticks and brushes.

That is the direction I will be going in: different semi-rhythmic drumming techniques, such as Floating Feet, used for accompanying and simultaneously soloing within a musical composition!


Developing Body Balance Drum Technique for the Floating Feet Drum Technique

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