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How much does it cost to advertise on Drum Solo Artist?

Its free to join and than its completely up to you how much you spend, you control the advertising times, the advertising zones, you can set your daily budget limit, etc.

What is "advertising zones" ?

Advertising zone is the actual place on the pages of Drum Solo Artist, there are different zones, places, where you can run your advertising campaign.
You can read more about this in our Advertising Zones article.

Do you charge for daily impressions of my advertisement, or the actual clicks on my banner?

Its completely up to you to decide if you want to pay for clicks or the impressions of your advertisement.
You can even choose to pay for Days, we charge a fixed amount per day, so if that will be your choice than you don't need to worry about impressions or clicks. - Just decide how many days you want your ad to run and fire it up! - It is as easy as that!

What about support? How will you answer my questions if I have any?

We have setup a support forum specifically for that purpose and we are answering all support related questions at our support forum.

So will you charge me before my advertising campaign starts or at the end, when it will finish?

That's how it works: you decide on advertisement budget, and purchase a package that costs lets say $30, than you can start your advertising campaign and decide how much you want to spend a day and all the other preferences.
If you will not use all of your available funds for one campaign, you can transfer part (or all) of the available funds to a different ad or campaign.
Or you can create an ad along with the corresponding campaign and the amount of impressions or clicks or days you want the ad to receive, and pay directly for that particular campaign.

Are there spending requirements, a minimum contract length, or other qualifying terms?

There is never a minimum spending commitment when you sign up for Drum Solo Artist Advertising Programs. No minimum contract requirements or other 'lock-in' rules apply. There is no activation fee for any Advertising accounts, our prepay budget packages do have a minimum set limit, but they are optional. Beyond that, you have complete control over how long you participate in Advertising Programs, and you control the maximum you want to spend a day and in each of your time controlled campaigns. This is the same no matter how you choose to pay for your advertising.

What do I need to get started?

With Drum Solo Artist Advertising Programs all you need to have ready, is your advertisement banner image!

Do I have to make the advertisement banner myself?

We expect you to have your advertisement banner ready before you start your advertising campaign on Drum Solo Artist, however if you want us to create a banner for you, contact us and describe what exactly do you want us to produce and we will reply with a price quote.

What banner sizes do you support?

At Drum Solo Artist we support different advertisement image banner sizes.
Read more about advertising zones and sizes in our Advertising Zones section.

What are the supported banner formats and can I use animations and or movies?

For image banners we support .jpg .png .gif and .swf file formats and if you want to have animated advertisements we advice to use .gif files and for complex animations and short movies use .swf flash files.

Note on .swf Flash Files: The Flash Files should be prepared with ClickTag variable correctly set and in place. Use the following code to insert the correctly configured ClickTag:

on (release) {
if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") {
getURL(clickTAG, "_top");

Or you can download our Flash Banner Template in .fla format that has the needed layers set in place, just add your banner image to the bottom layer and you done. (Remember to resize the template and its clickable area according to your needs.)

Will you still charge me for clicks/impressions if my URL is inaccessible?

Drum Solo Artist Advertising Programs are designed to give you the power to manage all aspects of your account for maximum performance. Because all accounts are self-managed, it is our advertisers' responsibility to ensure that the destination URL in each ad is accurate. Also, if an advertiser's website is unavailable, the advertiser is free to pause or delete any campaigns for that site.

Where are my images stored?

All images for Drum Solo Artist Advertising Programs will be stored on our secure servers.

All right, so how do I sign up?

Signing up is easy, visit this URL and create your account, thats it!!!

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