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Posting News Article to Drum Solo Artist

Drum Solo Artist now offers musicians a way to promote themselves, by publishing a News Article on DrumSoloArtist.com.


Before you start posting you should have your article ready, that includes the Headline, Complete Article Text, and a Photo that corresponds to the article.

A little more about the photo:
You should have a pic uploaded somewhere on the net, before posting your news article, as we are asking only the URL address of the pic.
If you don't have any place out there to upload the pic, you can send it to us to drumsoloartist AT gmail.com, include your name in the subject line.

More about the Form:
All fields of the form are required!!!
We will not even consider your post if one or more fields will be missing!!!

After you will submit the form please allow 24 to 48 hours for our administrators to review it.

*Note - this service is here for musicians and all the people involved with music to promote themselves.
All other articles that have nothing to do with music or rhythm will not be accepted!
We do not add all submitted articles, and we cannot make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear, our site administrators keep right to refuse any article creation if data submitted in this form seems to be incomplete, inaccurate, or against this site's philosophy.

Please DON'T submit your news story if it is already published in 200 other websites! - Such submissions will be rejected.

Good luck and hope to see your newly submited article on the Drum Solo Artist pages soon!

None of the information collected at Drum Solo Artist is sold or shared with any third party, and is available only to specific personnel at Drum Solo Artist. Drum Solo Artist does not participate in any format of SPAM and will not send you unsolicited emails. Should you ever receive an unsolicited message from a party claiming to be from Drum Solo Artist, please forward it to us immediately.

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