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Pete Drummond is widely regarded as one of the finest drummers in Australia today, and is currently an integral member of the iconic Australian band Dragon (hits such as: April Sun in Cuba, Are You Old Enough).

Pete has also toured and recorded with a multitude of artists including: The Temptations (US Motown legends), Choirboys, Wendy Mathews, Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band) and many more.

As a clinician for Pearl Drums and Zildjian cymbals Pete has performed at drumming festivals alongside some of the world’s greatest drummers including: Virgil Donati, Dave Weckl,Thomas Lang and Mike Mangini. He is a featured artist on the internationally released ‘The Ultimate Drummers Weekend’ 2003 DVD.

In 2007 Pete released his debut solo CD entitled ‘Identity Crisis’ - Thomas Lang has said “‘Identity Crisis’ is an inspiring musical self portrait, full of inventive and creative ideas, fantastic songwriting and Pete’s incredible drumming. This is a hugely impressive musical statement and a rare example of “super advanced 21st century high-end drumming” applied in a band context in it’s most musical and creative form.”


Pete has composed soundtracks for National Geographic (USA) and ABC Television Australia. His latest work for the **‘A Traveller's Guide to The Planets’** documentary series is currently airing on Nat Geo in the US and ABC1 in Australia.

Pete is also an accomplished Music Producer, and has worked albums for many acts including Dragon, Urban Stone, and The Jefferson.

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