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Joe Franco


Joe started his drumming career in the clubs of NYC and landed his first major gig in the mid 70’s with the New York band “Good Rats”. After recording six albums and touring constantly, Joe went on to play with artists such as Chilliwack, Fiona, Twisted Sister, and Widowmaker. Between band gigs, Joe has recorded and toured with guitarists Vinnie Moore, Blues Saraceno, Leslie West, and legendary Cream bassist, Jack Bruce.

Besides his playing, Joe made a mark for himself in Music Education with a book entitled “Double Bass Drumming”. First published in 1984, the book is still used in many leading music institutes including Berklee College of Music and P.I.T. It was listed #15 in Modern Drummer Magazines’ top 25 drum books of all time. He followed up the book with a video under the same title. Both book and video are currently distributed by Warner Brothers Publications. Joe has also traveled the world performing drum clinics and wrote articles for the leading drum publications.

After touring with Twisted Sister in the late eighties, Joe settled into a NYC session groove during which time he recorded with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Taylor Dayne, Diana Ross, Hall & Oates and many others. Besides his record projects, Joe’s drum & percussion playing were heard on music for film and advertising, as well as a number of Alvin Ailey ballets.

In the nineties, Joe started developing his compositional skills. Together with guitarist Al Pitrelli and bassist TM Stevens, he co-wrote an album called “Mojo Brothers” which was released on Mercury Records in Japan. Joe also composed music for numerous TV ad campaigns including Miller, Gillette, Black & Decker, Toyota and AT&T. He has composed themes for CNBC’s Financial News Network and in 1998 was called on to write and produce the music for the off-Broadway show “Slouching toward the Millennium”.

To have a home for his production work, Joe put together his facility, Beatstreet Productions in NYC’s Flat-Iron district, just 3 blocks from where he currently lives (www.beatstreetnyc.com). At Beatstreet, Joe puts a lot of his energy into the hit PBS TV series “Between the Lions”. For the show, Joe plays drums and composes the shows’ segue music. For it’s outstanding first three seasons, “Between the Lions” was nominated for seventeen Emmy Awards. Joe has also recently drummed on Kelly Osbourne’s “Pappa don’t Preach” and has also released a Drum Loop CD-Rom Package called Reel Drums (www.reeldrums.com).

In 2003, Joe played on and produced a project with Dee Snider and Al Pitrelli called Van Helsing’s Curse (www.VanHelsingsCurse.com). Last year VHC hit the road for the 1st time and they plan to tour every Fall. Joe’s other recent projects include two albums with the band, Magellan (”Hundred Years Flood” and “Symphony for a Misanthrope”) and a new album with Kansas’ Steve Walsh entitled “Shadowman”. Joe is currently playing on a solo album for Twisted Sister’s Eddie Ojeda.

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