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Alfredo Golino


Alfredo is one of the most popular drummers in Italy, and is regularly requested for both live and studio work by the most important Italian pop and jazz artists. Alfredo is featured on some of Italy’s most famous recorded works, and truly is an all-around drummer. Born in Naples, his prestigious career started in 1980 when he began working with RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana,) the most important TV channel in Italy. RAI hired Alfredo for a series of TV shows and productions. His credits include some of the most famous Italian and world wide artists such as Mina, Vasco Rossi, Raf, Pino Daniele, Renato Zero, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Adriano Celentano, Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Bob Minzer, Phil Woods, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Clark, Enrico Rava, Franco D’Andrea and many others.

In the last few years, Alfredo has been involved in prestigious world tours with the famous Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti, and with Spanish singer Monica Naranjo. Furthermore, he recorded a CD with Alejandro Sanz, who won three Latin Grammy Awards in 2001. His new instrumental album was published in early 2003. Alfredo is also on new records from Andrea Bocelli, Adriano Cementano, and Laura Pausini. Alfredo’s work in collaboration with Giulia Fasolino, his wife, and Charlie Cinelli and Gogo Ghidelli, has recently led to the launch of a unique project named “Cambiomusica” (www.cambiomusica.com,) an association which features a music school as well as an editing and production company.

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