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Drum Solo Competition

About the Competition -

Drum Solo Artist Drum Solo Competition is a nonprofit event that is made for the purpose of promoting all drummers out there and supporting the best ones financially! Drum Solo Artist is not an endorsement company and thats why we will never ask you to provide your tour schedule, or record sales, or recording company contract, etc in order to apply for the competition. Drum Solo Artist supports ALL drummers out there - big to small, signed and unsigned, you dont even need to be in a band to compete and win, - ALL YOU NEED IS YOUR DRUM SOLO!
(The competition will start August 1, 2007 and will go on for 2 month all the way to September 30, 2007. All submissions are welcome and accepted as of July 1, 2007.)

How does it work, and How to Enter -

Drummers prepare their drum solos and upload them to Drum Solo Artist. After approval solos are posted to the competition, and users start voting! Best is considered the one with most voting points. - every vote adds voting points to the corresponding track. At the end of the competition Judges will announce the winners of the competition based on user and their own voting points.

The 2007 Drum Solo Competition will feature 3 winners! - Currently announced prizes are:
First Place - $1.000.00
Second Place - $500.00
Third Place - $250.00

Terms and Conditions of the Competition

You are welcome to submit One Drum Solo per Drummer within a period from July 1, 2007 and September 30, 2007. All submissions will be moderated and the administration approval is necessary for every submission to become active. (usually within 24 to 48 hr). We reserve the right to ask for proof of ownership of every subjective submission. We also reserve the right to ask winners their personal shipping address for the purpose of shipping the prizes.

Files Accepted

You are welcome to submit Audio and/or Video files up to *50 megabits in size in .mp3 or .mov Quicktime format. We don't ask you to submit a studio quality recordings, you are welcome to submit your Podcasts, or a video taken with your portable video camera, but keep in mind that the recording quality will most probably influence votes made for your drum solo, so make it as good as you can!

* All winners MUST claim their prizes and provide their paypal email address and or actual shipping address within 30 days of the Final Announcement. After 30 days, of the Final Announcement, no winning claims will be accepted, and no prizes will be shipped.

*(Please contact us prior uploading anything over 50 megabits.)

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