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Hand Drums & Ethnic Percussion
Alternative Culture Magazine
Hand drum rhythms, free online lessons, djembe rhythm notation, sound generator, links, and tips for music jamming, trance dances, drum groups, and all-night drum jams.
Cajon Drums, Cajones, Congas
Precise engineering, workmanship and attention to detail distinguish Fat Congas and Cajon drums beyond comparison. Discover the difference that classic quality makes. Since 1972.
Manufacturers & Wholesale Distributors Of Ethnic, Folks, Percussion Musical Instruments. Bodhran, Hand Drums, Skin Drum Heads, Dumbecks, Djembes, Bagpipes, Oboe, Chanters, our specialities.
Djembe drums
Offers instrument like african djembe drum, rain stick, bamboo flute, egg shaker, guiro, didgeridoo, maracas etc. Also spa gazebo kit for sale, buy online. African djembe drum for sale at wholesale pr
LE site toulousain des percussionsafricaines et brésiliennes et de la lutherie: tout sur nosdjembés, doundouns, instruments de batucada et Samba, guitares,basses, etc.; forum, news
Earth Tribe Percussion, Home
Specializing in discount sporting goods, clothing, and gear.
Everyone's Drumming
Makers of wooden hand drums of the finest quality located in Putney, Vermont
Gon Bops
Gon Bops is a manufacturer of quality percussion instruments, including congas, bongos, timbales, cowbells, shakers, percussion rack, maracas, tambourines, chimes, claves, cabasas and tempo blocks
Handcrafted Djembes Bodhrans Ashikos Slit Kids Drums
funkfactory Drums produces a variety of handcrafted percussion instruments and is a retailer of EastCoast Drumcraft products.
HeartSong Studios
Heartsong Studios - hand-thrown ceramic drums (doumbeks), wooden slit drums, and marimbas
Custom built drums. Stand-mounted. Fits into any drum or percussion setup. Foot-Action changes the pitch. Both stick and hand percussion models.
Jay Cat Handcrafted Ashiko Drums
Jay Cat Ashiko Drums Lightweight and Portable Ashiko Drums Handcrafted in Vermont
Joyful Vibrations is a maker and seller of fine hand-crafted, tunable drums.
Kotz Custom Built Cajon Drum
Cajon drums, cajon drum, & Marimbula, Custom builder uses luthier grade tonewoods and a spruce diaphragm to create instruments with a warm, fulltone. Beautiful woods, meticulous craftsmanship.
Kron and Dunbar Bagpipes
Bagpipes, Shuttle and Practice Pipes, Bodhrans, Tin Whistles including the Low D Whistle
Lizzie Drums
Lizzie Drums are hand crafted Gourd Drums using select hard shell gourds. These hand drums are designed to be fully tunable and to provide years of service for both the experienced and the novice.
Motherland Music
Motherland Music's African Hand Drums Instruments Bells Djembes Djun Djun Conga Classes Repair Los Angeles CA
Native American Indian Drums and Crafts by Living Drums
Native American Indian Drums, ceremonial drums, hoop drums, drum supplies and Native American Indian arts and crafts.
Phoenix Drum .: About Rich Spirit
Rich Spirit, drum and flute maker, is offering kits and workshops in Ashiko drum building.
Pk Percussion.
For more than three decades, we are manufacturing musical instruments and all our dedication has been directed towards this particular field. To constantly monitor the latest trends in the marketplace
Re-Done Woodworks
Quality Handcrafted Ashiko Style Wood Drums - Made from Recycled Materials
Custom made congas of the highest quality. Custom Congas to give you a drum that is unique. Hand drums of a classical design or a conga drum rope tuned in the traditional African way.
SABAR ethnic musical instruments
SABAR roots percussion provides worldwidehandmade ethnic musical instruments coming from Africa, Australia, Asia,Caribbean and American Indians
Sacred Mountain Drums
Alan Willes creates frame, barrel, pow-wow, and Native American drums.
Shake and Rattle
We make the finest custom hand-crafted Shekeres.
Slaphappy Drum Makers
SlapHappy Drummakers invites to you check out their selection of hand made African style hand drums or create your own for us to custom make.
Sol Drums, Sol Percussion
Sol Drums - Sol Percussion of San Francisco is a maker of handcrafted drums. Sol builds Cuban style Congas, Cuban style Bongos, Batas, Cajons, Talking Drums, African style Congas, Ashikos, shakers, ha
Tropical Hammer Steel Drum Crafters
Tropical Hammer Steel Drum Crafters - Steel Pans and Accessories
World Sphere Taiko
manufacturer japanese taiko drums

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