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Drum Repair & Music Services
Adams Drumworld, Europe's largest drum store!
Drumworld - Europe's largest drum store, a drummers place to be, come and visit us! Stokken, vellen, hardware bijvoorbeeld (klemmen en rack toebehoren), handschoenen, stokkentassen, koffers, hoezen enzovo
Alchemix Recording Studios
Alchemix Recording Studios : multi purpose recording studios, Brisbane's Woolloongabba. Neighboured to restaurants and cafes, our studios, available 24/7 are aimed towards recording and producing music at a unique standard, creating for the purpose of being creative. We aim to meet the quality/budget of your intended goals, from demos to national CD releases, corporate work and sounds for moving picture. Free studio walk throughs, production timeline & goal meetings. Contact head engineer/producer, Marly Luske, 0407 630 770.
Britchops Drum Tuition
The Britchops Foundation Drum Course is a new interactive MIDI eBook drum course in Adobe PDF format.This course provides all the information you need to begin learning today's popular drumming styles such as Pop, Rock and Britpop/Indie in the comfort of your own home. Drum charts by top UK and Canadian bands Oasis, Cast and Bryan Adams are featured by kind permission from Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Publishing. Other features include extensive MIDI file library in GM/GS/XG format, Digital Imaging, Professional Drum Score Notation and extensive Tutor Notes. Safebuy/ Trust UK accredited. Find out more @ www.britchops.co.uk
DrumZa - Drums A to Z
DrumZa - Drums, Guitars, Keyboards, Recording and Live Sound equipment from A to Z! DrumZa - Musical Instruments and Pro Audio equipment Superstore!
Specializes in the manufacturer, supply and repair of African drums, accessories and parts. Come see us now. Ashilos, Djembes, Djun Djuns and more...
OZ Drum Sets
OZ Drum Sets - Acoustic and Electronic Drum Sets. Find Drums, Drum Sets, Drum Modules and hardware at OZ Drum Sets.
St drums
St drums, Trommeln, Drumparts,Parts,Drums, Schlagzeuge, Snares, Vintage, Sonor , Stegner, Pirmasens, Folien, Dekorfolien,Wrap,Plastic Coverings, Restauration, Schlagzeugteile

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