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Classic Drummer Magazine
The fastest growing drum magazine on the planet. Subscribe online.
Percussive Arts Society: Pas.org
The Percussive Arts Society® (PAS®) is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.
Phillips Drum Publications
A step-to-step approach to fitting rhythms side-by-side through drum-set instruction textbooks with designed coordination exercises!
PROFESSIONAL SOUND - Sound Advice - Drum Miking Techniques
The magazine for today's audio professionals. Information on recording, live sound, broadcast, post production, sound contracting, DJs, AV production, books, studios, venues, products and multimedia.
Troy's Drum Tips for Young Drummers
Sharing drum tips, techniques, and dark secrets of the music industry to help young drummers find well-qualified skill, success, and joy in the art of drumming.

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