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Vernel Fournier

Drum great Vernel Fournier has worked with Lester Young, Ben Webster, Sonny Stitt, Ahmad Jamal, George Shearing, Billy Eckstine and other legendary players. This book covers his personal sticking exercises for developing fluidity around the drumset, as well as his collection of 21 rhythmic etudes designed to improve phrasing and generate ideas for solos and fills. Features a complete transcription of his legendary drum part to "Poinciana" which brought the New Orleans Second Line style to jazz.
JACKSON, Mississippi -- The jazz world has lost one of its premier brush
drummers, New Orleans native Vernel Fournier. Fournier, who played with such jazz greats as Charlie Parker, Dizzy
Gillespie and Ahmad Jamal, died Saturday in Jackson, Mississippi, of
complications from a recent stroke. He was 72.
"He was such a fluid player," said Alvin Fielder, an internationally
recognized jazz drummer and longtime friend. "He played beautiful brushes
and with the brushes he was totally self-taught. All the other drummers
would just go by and watch him in awe."
Fournier caught national attention in Chicago in the '50s as a drummer in
the Ahmad Jamal Trio. He's best known for his quasi-rhumba beat on the
trio's hit "Poinciana."

In the 1960s, Fournier moved to New York where he performed and taught jazz
for about 30 years, until a debilitating stroke in 1994 damaged his spine
and left him unable to play.

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