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Vera Figueiredo

As written on the T. Bruce Wittet´s article on the Modern Drummer Magazine USA about the Montreal Drum Fest “From behind the drumset, Vera Figueiredo took the audience from the Brazilian rainforest into the clubs and concert halls of the world. Jaws dropped at her unique presence, approach, and distinctive licks”, and the fact of being nominated by the British Rhythm magazine “The Queen of Samba”, some other Brazilian and international publications had pointed out  Vera Figueiredo´s musical power!

As a trully ambassador for the Brazilian Music, Vera had already toured Scotland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and United States ministering workshops, masterclasses, and shows. She has also being playing in som very important drumset oriented events such as: The Percfest Memorial Naco(Italy), The Ultimate Drummers Weekend (Australia), The Mendoza International Drum Fest (Argentina), The AGP Drum Event (Luxemburg) and The Cape Breton International Drum Fest (Canada).
Vera´s 3rd cd, “Vera Cruz Island” (Rainbow records), indicates this very matured moment in her craft as a player and a composer: “Vera Cruz Island is like a photo album of Vera´s soul: intense, full of beautiful landscapes and very passionate for her art!” - Régis Tadeu (Batera e Percussão magazine). “Your drumming is so powerful and full of tradition” – Ken Micallef (Modern Drummer magazine - USA). She also releaed the following albums: “From Brazil” (Camerati 1995) and “Vera Figueiredo e Convidados” – Vera Figueiredo and Guests – (Baratos e Afins-1990).

In 1990, Vera founded the IBVF: Instituto de Bateria Vera Figueiredo, a very respected drumset institute located in São Paulo. The IBVF also makes events such as the Batuka International Drum Festival, one of the most important events musical scenario who had being happening annually since 1996.

While not playing instrumental styles with her own band, Vera plays with The Banda Altas Horas (on the Altas Horas TV Show of The Globo TV Network) The Avon´s Orchestra acompanying artists such as Diana King, Zélia Duncan, Milton Nascimento, Rita Lee, Leila Pinheiro, Margareth Menezes, among others!
Vera Figueiredo endorses Premier Percussion, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads and Audix Microphones.

Official Web Site: www.verafigueiredo.com.br (Portuguese and English)
Batuka! International Drum Fest: www.batukabrasil.com

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