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Paul Elliott

Paul Elliott is a rare breed of drummer - a virtuoso PLAYER, TEACHER and CLINICIAN rolled into one.

PLAYER - As one of the UK's leading drummers, Paul has gigged and recorded with many top musicians, including Frank Gambale and is probably best known for his groundbreaking work with the Shaun Baxter Band.Paul maintains a busy freelance schedule on the London scene and most recently played at "Yamaha Groove Night", featuring a wealth of UK drum talent, together with International drummers, Sonny Emory and Akiro Jimbo.
TEACHER - For over a decade, Paul has been Principal Instructor at Drumtech (Europe's leading Drum School) and also lectures at the London College of Music. As an educator, he is renowned for his unique teaching methods and systems and is a regular contributor to "Rhythm" magazine.

CLINICIAN - Paul has performed countless clinics and master classes throughout the UK, including events for Yamaha and Zildjian and has shared the clinic stage with other world class drummers such as Steve Smith, Manu Katche and Richard Bailey.
"In this video no stone is left unturned. Paul discusses hand and foot technique, groove playing, musicality, working with a bass player and everything else any budding drummer should know and he does it extremely well. He comes across with great enthusiasm throughout this video and there is no doubting his drumming ability.
You won't go far wrong purchasing this video, Technically Speaking doesn't have the profile of some of the drumming videos on the market but Paul Elliott's ability to teach helps in communicating to the viewer a lot better than some other videos I've seen."

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