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Matteo Cigna

The passion for music, in particular for the instruments to percussion, is obvious end from the first adolescence and begins to realize itself in 1986, when beginning the studies of Jazz battery with the Single M° Carl .
It acquires but a very precise direction and a color, assigns to you to characterize and to influence all the my future, single distance as a result of the encounter with Gian Piero Pramaggiore (polistrumentista with Don Cherry, Trilok Gurtu&), of which I follow the Laboratory of Creative Music from 1988 to 1996.
In 1997 I graduate myself to the Conservatory G. Verdi of Turin under the guide of the M° Daniel Vineis .

In the years succeeded to you I widen my interests and acquaintances towards ethnic music and experiences studying them tabla with the M° Saghir Kan attending the course of improvement "PERCUSTRÁ '" held from the M° Christian Hamouy leader de "Les Percussions de Strasbourg" following course with Pierre Favre and Jon Christensen .
From 1998 in then I dedicate in fact to particular attention to the study dellatradizione mandinga with Fodé Cissé Ibrahima Traoré Doussou Tourré I come near

To case just beginning from this period my studies are not oriented always more towards stage and seminaries held from teacher of various nationalities in Italy, France and Africa.

I have worked moreover, for some years, with various teatrali companies in garment of percussionista author and collaborate with numerous national orchestras between which: Lyric theatre of Cagliari Orchestra "Greens" of Milan Orchestra "Bartolomeo Tawny" of Wedge Orchestra from Room of Aosta etc.

With "DEMOE' PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE" - formation of percussions specialized in execution of contemporaneea music - I have recorded 4 CD and played to Norimberga the first absolute of the Work: "The Smiling Carcass" of Andrea Molino dedicated to the job of Oliviero From Tuscany.

In the spring of 1993 I have recorded musics in first absolute execution for RAI .
From the 1995 beginning my concerts and records collaboration with Maurizio Verna (guitar 10 ropes), chitarrista of jazzistiche origins much careful to the world classic and above all to ancient music.

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