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Massimo Barbiero

Drums, vibes , marimba & percussion.
He was born in 1963, he studied drums and percussions with Fiorenzo Sordini and Giorgio Gandino, both of them percussionists in RAI in Turin.
He attended stages with drum players such as Jack DeJohnette, Steve Gadd, Peter Erskine, Andrea Centazzo, Daniel Humair, Pierre Favre, John Christensen, Bob Moses, Marilyn Mazur; he continued his studies with the vibraphone and marimba making previous interests concrete for classical and contemporary music.
In 1984 he founded The Enten Eller, a contemporary jazz project addressed towards a search for rhythm and tone. With this project he recorded five CDs and played in several festvals in Italy and abroad.
He is a member of C.M.C. (Cooperativa Musica Creativa), an association bounded to teaching and diffusion of searching jazz music. He played and recorded with the quartet Claudio Lodati Dac'Corda, Carlo Actis Dato, Elton Dean, Harry Beckett, Mino Cinelu, Tim Berne, Maria Pia De Vito, Antonello Salis, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Giovanni Maier, Claudio Cojanitz, L.Culver. In 1989 he started an old idea about a project of sole percussions, whose name was ODWALLA, with which he recorded four CDs, playing in Italy and abroad.
He has been teaching for a long time, he is also the composer of most musics of the groups where he works. His works have been reviewed in Italy, France, USA, Germany, Austria, Canada and he was interviewed by magazines like "Musica Jazz" and "Percussioni". He collaborates as a percussionist in performances and ballets. He is a member of Ivrea Jazz Club and of The organization of Euro Jazz Festival d'Ivrea and he is responsible for jazz seminars at school.
He took part in these festivals: Siena Jazz, Ivrea Euro Jazz Festival, Jazz & Co. Como, Bassano, Imola Jazz At the Rock, Chaumont (Francia), Belgrado (Jugoslavia), Pristina (Kosovo), Tarcento, Trento, JVC Festival (Torino), Macerata, Padova, Locarno (Svizzera), Aosta, Roma, Bergamo, Pescara, Bressanone, Sirmione, Trieste, Recanati, St.Vincent, Morgeux, Milano, and in jazz clubs all over Italy and abroad.

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