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Massimo Aiello

Massimo Aiello was born in Naples July 22, 1966. Independent drummer and teacher. Artistic and musical collaborator. Author. He is primarily self-taught in musical research and started studying music at 10 years. Massimo studied, with very good results, with various important drum teachers in Italy (T. De Piscopo, W. Calloni) in early 80s and the most prestigious of all Maestro Enrico Lucchini, one of the most appreciated teachers in the world, in years 70s teacher in the Dante Agostini and Kenny Clarke drum school of Paris, revolutionary teacher for the drums didactic in Italy and irreplaceable even today.

He has attended different high-level clinics in drumming and ensemble performance, with important teachers. He has been teaching with good results his own Rhythm Psychology, which he conceived as a way to communicate his didactic-musical research on the interpretation of rhythmic subdivisions. The same concepts are included, from the first lesson on, in the classes that has been independently teaching since 1986, he uses, along with different methods, his own THE COMPLETE DRUMS' METHOD (METODO COMPLETO PER BATTERIA in Italian language version). This book, including some new lesson concepts and more, after many years of experimentation and elaboration, has been improved.

From 1976 to now Massimo Aiello has been playing with nearly 100 Italian and foreign bands, using more than 40 different musical styles (Big-Band, Classical, Pop, Rock, Latin-jazz, Fusion, Jazz, Ethnic, Acoustic, Folk, Song-writers, Covers, Disco-music, Funky-jazz, Jazz-rock, Progressive, Military corps, Experimental, Argentinean Tango-jazz, Musette, Swing, Film-music, music for theatre, Electro-pop, Italian popular dance, Contemporary music, New age, Dixieland and many more....), both as a professional and an amateur player, always approaching each experience, no matter if big or small, with a natural spirit of studying and researching.

He recorded various CDs of various genres with drums, percussion and sometime as artist/producer or musical-collaborator. He has collaborated/played also with/or for important producers/musicians like Aldo Tagliapietra, 1988-1991 (leader of "Le Orme", international rock-progressive group), Athos Bassissi, from 1985 on (1994, in France, 1st prize as the best accordionist of the world in the Fisarmonica Variete), Sandro Colombini, 1989 (great Italian producer), Ricky Gianco (popular pop singer/composer in Italy), Tullio De Piscopo, 1993 (the most famous drummer in Italy), Vince Tempera, 2000 (one of the most important composer/conductor in Italy), Roberto Vernetti, 2007 (1st prize as the best independent producer in Italy in the year 2005) and with various national or international jazz musicians and many others. He participated as a soloist or with groups to some cultural, social and political events where played in the same evenings famous groups like Inti Illimani, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Kool and the Gang, Gipsy King, I Nomadi (one of the most Italian popular group), C.S.I. (another Italian popular group), etc.. The work that most characterizes him is own original solo performance TRIBUTE TO BEETHOVEN in which he play drums on a recording of the 9th Symphony.

The performance lasts about 80 minutes and has encountered a great success since 1987 in theaters, squares, churches, educational institutes, theater festivals. And it is also available since 2001 on CD, TRIBUTE TO BEETHOVEN - Drum In The Symphony no.9, produced and with international distribution by Azzurra Music S.r.l. - www.azzurramusic.it - (see videos, mp3, etc. in www.massimoaiello.com). This first Aiellos CD as a soloist has received very good different specialized and/or music magazines in many countries all over the world (like: Classic Drummer - U.S.A., Sticks - Germany, Drums & Percussion - Germany, Batteur - France, Skug - Austria, See Saw - Moscow/Russia, Jazzit - Italy, Percussioni - Italy and others from U.S.A., Germany, Holland, Australia, Canada, Norwey, Greece, Italy....) between these the authoritative international drums magazine, the number 1 in the world, MODERN DRUMMER, (2004, april issue) and PAS-Percussive Arts Society, (2007, february issue), since 1961 the greatest organization of percussion of the world; besides it is programmed in different Radios and TVs, very important too, in many countries (see reviews and radios and TVs in the wwwmassimoaiello.com).

Currently he keeps teaching his clinics, always acknowledged and appreciated in his own circuits for the enthusiasm with which Massimo educates to music. He is working at own personal didactic and/or discographic projects. He is always willing to make discography and/or live projects.

info.massimoaiello@tiscali.it - PHONE (ITALY): +39 347.8752063 He's registered at the S.I.A.E. - Societa Italiana Autori ed Editori (authors and editors italian society) since 2002.

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