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Louie Appel

Born in Long Island, New York, when pizza was just 25 cents a slice, Louie's dream of becoming the next Mickey Dolenz has come true.
From Gospel to Bluegrass, Rock and Roll to Pop, Louie has one of the most versatile drumming resumes in the New York area.
Known for his ability to orchestrate working liaisons in the matter of an hour, Louie lists networking as another one of his natural attributes.
Starting with the "Jukes" during the summer of 2000, after 6 years with John Eddie, Louie has become an honorary Jerseyite. Just ask him about his fastest time clocked driving thru the NJT tollbooth...
His vast musical experience, coupled with his pride in loyalty to superior equipment, has resulted in endorsements from GMS Drums, Vater Drumsticks, DW Pedals and Hardware, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, and Rhythm Tech Percussion.
From tympani to drum machines, he has and plays them all.

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