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Joel Berryhill

Joel Berryhill is the current drummer for the legendary Surf ... Hal Blaine
Played drums for most of Jan & Dean's recordings.

Being the son of Christian parents that attended Calvary Chapel I soon discovered that I understood the Gospel message at the age of 3. Not wanting to miss out on the plan that God had for me I accepted Him immediately. I went to Christian school my whole life until college and had excellent instruction in the Bible and what it meant to live with Christ as the center of my life. I also enjoyed studying Philosophy. I was blessed in high school with a world literature teacher named Dr. Scott Dinkins.

We read standard literature and influential works by major philosophers. In college, I majored in Philosophy and enjoyed it's mental rigors. I did not see a conflict between "thinking" and religion. But, as I found, during the progress of my degree, other Christian philosophy majors were gradually falling away from their beliefs.

What I discovered was that the most advanced and complex truths you learn will also be the first and most obvious thing you learn in your walk--A personal relationship with Jesus Christ. No one or no intellectual argument can refute an eye witness. I am an eye witness to Jesus living inside me. It's like that old hymn, "You ask me how I know He lives, He lives within my heart."

Brief Synopsis: Drummer, Philosophy Graduate from Pt. Loma Nazarene University, currently working as a Website Programmer/systems analyst. Started playing drums in jr. high school. Have played violin, bass, guitar and currently lead worship at Calvary Chapel South County. I am married to Melody who is a high school teacher in Dana Point.

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