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Gianluca Fuiano

Born in Biella (Italy)' on October 1st' 1967Gianluca is a very well known drummer both in the performing and teaching areas.
His methods "La Mia Prima Batteria" and "Le Mie Prime Percussioni"' distributed all over the country by Curatolo's Editions' addressed to the young' beginning student confirm his status of nationally known educator.
After starting to play professionally at the age of nineteen' Gianluca hasn't looked back. His great passion and total dedication to music and drums still push him to stay on top of his game and constantly updated on all the modern evolutions of the instrument.

In 1986 he teams up with Giorgio Conte for the recordings of one of his albums and soon after leaves for a north-european tour with La Nuova Riforma quartet' playing in many music hals and cabarets.
In 1989 he tours and performs with several dance bands all over Italy and backs up commercially successful artists like Papa Winny and F. Alotta.
1992 sees him a founding member of Invidia' a critically acclaimed band that brings
Gianluca all over the nation' receiving incredibly good response in Sardinia. After five years of non-stop tourning' the band decides to split' allowing the drummer to pursue in interest in the field of creative and improvisational music.
In '95 he joins Nico Di Battista's trio and is again on the road playing Italy's most important jazz clubs in 1999' feeling the need of a totally free rhythmic expression' he gives birth to the dynamic duo Square Jam with percussionist Gianfranco Cataldo.
In the year 2000 Fuiano joins another trio' the ethnic KinKoba' performing at Bottesini Festival 2000 in Crema and in several jazz clubs around Italy.
In the same year he performs at Percfest Memorial Naco in Laigueglia (Italy) and is awarded the prize for the best performance in the fusion category.
He also lands the position of drumset teacher at "Accademia Musicale A.R.S. Nova" in Nichelino and endorser for UFIP Cymbals.
In 2001 he's again on the road with Los Gitana' a band of eight professional musicians performing the music of the legendary Gipsy Kings. "La Mia Prima Batteria" and "Le Mie Prime Percussioni" are eleased in Italy.
In 2002 he drums for Mediterranti' a ten-piece band with whom he performs traditional music from Neaples in many Italian theaters.
In 2003 he records and performs with the King Of Soul' Solomon Burke and the Orchestra of Alessandria' directed by Renato Serio' performing in many famous venues' including Teatro Toselli in Cuneo and Teatro Regio in Torino.
"The Dream"' album recorded wih Nico Di Battista and virtuoso violinist Rrok Jakaj is released by "CNI Compagnia Nuove Indie". A great mix of ethnic ad world music flavours' the music ranges from tangos' flamencos and jazz' all tied by a deep melodic sense.
The follwing year sees Gianluca busy with various bands' including the performance at "Filmmusic Fstival" in Rivoli' under the direction of M. Peppe Vessicchio.
In early 2005' he joins the Accademia Di Musica Moderna/National Drumschool Project as Educator' together with Furio Chirico' Simone Frachino' Sergio Ponti and Bruno Astesana and becomes a Vater Percussion endorser.
In August he performs at the prestigious Scoodra Jazz Festival in Scoodra' Albany.

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