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Frank Beard

Frank Beard, drummer (Birthday: June 11, 1949) AKA: Rube Beard
Frank grew up in Irving, Texas, just east of Dallas. To be truthful, he took up the drums just to impress the ladies. In fact, Frank's drumming got him a whole lot closer to the ladies. When he scratched up enough green for his own kit he landed a job at a Fort Worth strip club and could play "Night Train"in his sleep.

Pretty soon Frank got tired of "Night Train" and "The Stripper" and hooked up with Dusty and Rocky in the Warlocks and later wound up bent over the sink as drummer for American Blues bleaching his hair preparatory to dying it blue. "It hurt like hell," he recalls with some fondness.
We'll never know if the combination of blue locks and the tub whacking really got to the gals or not, but it was the head of the trail that led to the little room where Billy was waiting for something momentous to happen. Just three guys from Texas about to form a little old band from Texas that would eventually take the world by storm, and rewrite the rock 'n' roll history books.

Some more personal information...
Frank is married and has two twin boys. He and his wife have been seen driving red and black Ferrari Testarosas (yes, two of them). His ranch outside of Houston, "Top 40," reportedly has batting cages installed next to the horse barn and a remote-control hot tub which can be started from his limo on the way up the drive.

He also reportedly races in the Sports Car Club of America; he was in a Plymouth Neon celebrity race that was pictured in a Road & Track magazine.

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