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Camille Gainer

"I've been blessed to have the ability to cop the feel of different genres of music, and that's basically the key to playing different styles, making it feel right".

Camille Gainer enjoys a rich career poised with artistic ability and versatility. She began playing drums and other instruments at the age of 11 and went on to earn a music scholarship to Long Island University.
Camille has worked with such artists as: Antonio Hart, J.T. Taylor of Kool and the Gang, Chuck Mangione, Christian McBride, Worl-a-Girl, and more.
Having made a name for herself as a producer, some of her credits include Nikki "D's" "Up the Ante Ante for the Pante," FU2's "Boomin' in ya Jeep," and "The Funky Drummer Meets G-Clef," just to name a few. She has recorded as a side woman with names such as Mark Cary, Steve Coleman, Cornelius Claudio Kreusch, and more.

Having studied with master drummer, Michael Carvin, during her teenage years is what Camille credits with teaching her how to put her own unique touch to concepts, to sight read, and know form and structure in music.
Camille also studied with Keith Copeland and Gary Chester. She continues to broaden and improve her skills with great artistic vision and devotion. In addition to being one of EEMCD's clinicians, Cammille is currently working with artists J.T. Taylor, Mark Cary, and Antonio Hart.

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