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Benny Greb

Benny Greb, born June 13th 1980 in Augsburg, Germany.
Autodictatic Drummer since the age of 6.
Started taking trumpet and piano lessons and the same time.
First drumlessons at the age of the 12.
Involved in serveral Cover- and Jazz-Bands.
From 1997-2000 he studied at the vocational school for music in Dinkelsbühl with Udo Dahmen.
Drummer of the University's Big Band for 3 years.
Winner of "Jugend Jazzt".
The same year he completes the programm of study for Popularmusic at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg".
In 2001 he moved to Hamburg.
The following year perfomance at the World Drum Festival.

Since 2002 Instructor at the Hamburg School of Music.

2003 Release of the Benny Greb-DVD titeled "Vorschlag".

Instructor / founding member of the "Bandcamp" at the "Bayerischen Musikakademie Hammelburg", which takes place annually with growing success.

Performances at the Frankfurt "Musikmesse" 2003+2004, the "Teacher Tagen" 2002+2003, the International Drummermeeting Salzgitter 2003+2004.

Since 2003 Instructor for the "Drumset" and "Rudimental-Training" at the Hamburg School of Music.

Interview in "Sticks" Magazine issue 01.2004.

In Jan/ Feb 2004 3-Week long workshoptour through Germany with more than 1000 thrilled visitors.

April 2004 Headliner at the "Percussion Gala" in Hungary in front of more than 2000 visitors.

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