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Vinny Appice

Vinny started playing drums at age 9 and went for drum lessons from the same teacher as Carmine, this all took place in Brooklyn, N.Y.

At age 16 Vinny met John Lennon at Record Plant Studios in NYC. John asked Vinny ( and his band at the time BOMF ) if they would do hand claps on a song John was recording with Elton John called "What ever gets you through the night"

From there Vinny played on a few projects that John Lennon was producing at the time. Vinny also appeared in 3 videos with John that were aired in the US & Europe. Clips of these videos appear in "The John Lennon Video Collection "
released in 1994.
The year is 1976 ,Vinny started playing with Rick Derringer in a band called DERRINGER. They recorded 3 albums together.

The year is 1977 , Vinny formed his own band call AXIS. They recorded 1 album called "It's A Circus World"

The year is 1980 Vinny joins the legendary BLACK SABBATH. Together they record "Mob Rules" and "Live Evil".
The year is 1983 Vinny and Ronnie James Dio form the band DIO. They record 7 albums of which 3 are platinum and 2 gold. Vinny also writes his first drum instruction book called"ROCK STEADY" on WB.

The year is 1990 ,Vinny leaves DIO and joins WORLD WAR III, 1 album recorded very loudly!

The year is 1992, BLACK SABBATH reforms and records "Dehumanizer," tours and then breaks up again!

The year (whoo!) is 1993 Vinny and Ronnie reform DIO, and record 1 album " Strange Highways" and tour .

The year is 1996, DIO have finished their new record titled "Angry Machine" (released in Oct. 96 on Mayhem Records - US and SVP Records - Europe) and have hit the road in the US and Europe in Nov. 96 and continuing into the summer of 97 with shows in Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, South America and New Jersey!

The tour has ended and it's time to release the first ever DIO "Live CD" recorded on the Angry Machines Tour in Germany and Chicago in 1997. Release date in 1998.

June 1998 BLACK SABBATH request the presence of Vinny on their first European tour since their breakup 20 years ago.

It's the first time Vinny joins Ozzy on the same stage!

1999 Black Sabbath start their long awaited "Reunion Tour" of the US. Vinny has been asked to join the tour just in case Bill Ward has unexpected health problems. "The tour was the most usual tour I've ever been on, and the only one that I didn't play drums every night, it was really strange".

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