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Tony Cerqua

Accomplished Jazz, Blues and R & B musician-drummer , Tony Cerqua was born in Rome on August 22, 1954, and was just 13 years of age when he first began his musical carrer.
From Italy to the USA , Switzerland , Holland , Spain , France , Germany , Poland and Indonesia , Tony is best known for his extraordinary musical talents on the drums. Tony has performed with the BEST of the BEST in Jazz, R&B and gospel, such as Rosa' King, Louisiana Red, Jan Akkermann, Eric Burdon, Otis Grand, Jimmy Lee Moore, Ronald Laster, Maceo Parker, Pee Wee Wilson and Eric Daniel justto name a few.
Tony Cerqua 's incredible musical style and precision on the drums has made for him a name in the realm of the music elite. Over the decades he has collaborated in the studios on a number of albums and singles, played on Broadway and in Theatrical Productions in different parts of the world, entertained in clubs, and performed in many Jazz Festivals. Tony is true to his music, and has never strayed from his musical roots and beliefs.

Throughout the years, he has performed with acclaimed bands such as Rosa King's Upside Down Band. He has brought together musical talent in bands such as the TC Gang and BBC.
Switzerland (Basel and Lausanne) - Tony performs with local Rock bands, and Jamaican musicians such as Johnn Forbes. His musical style became influenced during this time, by "Funk", a form of rhythm and blues popular in the 1970's.

Holland (Amsterdam) - Tony meets Holland 's acclaimed star of R&B, Rosa King , and plays drums with her Upside Down Band. His encounter with Rosa proves to be vital to his music, for the years to come. During that year Tony begins work in the recording studio with Lamont Hamton, Jeff Reynold (distinguished trombone player for who Johnny Halliday), and with them, tours Germany with the Dave Kamen Division Big Band


Holland (Amsterdam) - Performs with Rosa King, Eric Burdon (Animals), Herman Brood, Jan Akkerman and Hans Dulfer (Candy Dulfer's father).

1978- 1979-
Northsea Jazz Festival - Collaborates with Rosa King in his first Jazz Festival.
They record their first album Rosa King "So far to go" featuring Neppy Noya.
Tony his collaboration with Rosa King and they perform with George Coleman (acclaimed sax player with Miles Davis, Ron Carter, Tony Williams and Herbie Hancock) and Holland 's Hans Dulfer.

Tony and Rosa are still a team performing at the Warsaw Jazz Festival and the Lublino jazz Festival 80. They return to Amsterdam this same year records an LP entitled "Life in Kroegg".


Holland (Amsterdam) - Tony, now distinguished for his musical talents, and Funky style, is noticed by Jaco Pastorius and Jim Capaldi while performing with Rosa King and the Upside Down Band. This same year, Raul Rekov (percussionist for Santana), and Patato Valdes along with two members of the Crusaders, become guest players with the Upside down Band.

Indonesia-USA-Holland - Tony plays in the Bintang Jazz Festival in Indonesia, and then performs in New York on Broadway in Joe Pierre 52. He is asked to remain in the United States by the producers, but chooses to return to Europe, back to his musical roots to perform with Rosa King in Holland.

Switzerland - He performs with the Tropea Bros and with Jose Oliveira (bass player for Santa Esmeralda), and records in the studio of Roger Taylor (drummer for Queen).

Italy - In Rome Tony is asked to tour with Roberto Ciotti (distinguished Roman Blues guitarist) and takes place of Ginger Baker in this tour.

Tony forms the group Mental Job with Andrea Oggioni and they record the single "The Ocean". He also appears with Massimo Urbani in concert and with the group Elefunk (Marco Manusso, Angelo Talocci and andrea Oggioni). During this time he begins to perform with Lousiana Red.

Barcellona( Spain )- Rome - His musical style takes on the Brazilian funk style, and he works with pianist Jim Porto. He returns to Italy and teams up again with Roberto Ciotti . He makes appearances at Big Mama Jazz Club in Rome , where he performs with Ronald Laster and Jimmy Lee Moore (guitarist and bass player with James Brown) with the guest players Maceo Parker and a very young Alex Britti.

Italy - Tours with the Theatrical Production of "Figli degli Intelligenti" with Bruno Colella e Remo Licastro. The music for this production is by Eugenio Bennato. In 1989, he also returns to the studio to record a CD "Nikkos". He begins a tour with Louisiana Red ; his musical collaboration with this great Jazz artist will last over the years to come. Tony performs at the Pistoia Blues Festival with the Alex Britt Band, and the Liri Blues Festival with Rosa King.

Holland-France - Rosa King and Tony Cerqua team up again for Festival of Blues ( Montpellier , Grenoble and Paris). Tony performs in a series of concert tours, and at the Festivals of Blues with Eddie Campbell (Chigago); and Otis Grand and the Dance Kings, (an acclaimed Big Blues Band) with Pee Wee Wilson (from B B King) and Maceo Parker (from James Brown) on horns and Carey Bell.


Rome, Italy-Germany - Tony Cerqua performs at the Big Mama Blues Club in Rome with Lousiana Red, Massimo Moriconi and Alex Britti. In Germany of this same year, he works with Pamela Falcon and plays in a Rock Band called "Ooona" while at the same time playing with the Ronald Abrhams Trio. It is at this time he begins to think about starting the first TC Gang with Stephan Baaden (now SASHA's producer), Kay Lembke and Mike Shott.

From Rome to Dortmund - Tony Cerqua forms other groups, whose musicians include Sima, Max Gazzè, Eric Daniel, Mike Shott, Riccardo Doppio. This year the group BBC is formed with Alex Britti, Mick Brill and Tony Cerqua.

From France to Germany to Holland and back to Italy - Touring with Rosa King in Paris. Other concert tours include Monaco and Freybourg, and the Festivals of Blues in Holland. In Rome Tony performs with a group called Funkestein.

The TC Gang comes together with Max Gazzè, Eric Daniel and Ruben Chiavano This same year, Tony returns to the studio to record a CD entitled "Yampapaya" a World Music group, featuring the sounds of Africa specifically Zaire and Cameron. Tony performs with the Yampapaya and also with Shiko Mawatu and Roger Sabal Lecco. In this year he get's to know Carlos Sarmiento, great piano player from Cuba, that plays with TC gang now. The Group USD is formed, and Tony is requested to perform with Sergio Cammeriere, Alex Britti e Paolo Marcellini.

Amsterdam - Rosa King calls upon the musical talents of Tony Cerqua to celebrate the 25 th Anniversary of the Upside Down Band. The Anniversary is celebrated with a musical video entitled "Paradiso" with appearances by all of the musicians who had played with the band in its 25-year history.

Tony continues to do concerts throughout Germany , and is a guest musician on various projects. At this time, he goes on composing music, and writing his own lyrics.

Italy-Germany - He collaborates as a musician in the recording studio on various CD projects, and entertains as a free lance musician in Germany .


Italy - Composing music and lyrics his passion. He also brings the new TC Gang back together with a repertory of 70's Funk Reggae and soul music, having in the group Orlando Jhonson, Carlos Sarmiento, Eric Daniel, Tim Fritz, Paolo Carta, Luca Casagrande e Davide Pistoni. Everything from Stevie Wonder to James Brown to Albert Collins to his own compositions. Click on TC gang to learn more.....


Rome, Italy - The New Year 2003 begins at Big Mama Blues Club with Louisiana Red, Alex Britti and Mick Brill. Tony Cerqua continues to perform with his TC Gang, in the roman Night Clubs. Tony is currently dedicating his time to composing his own songs, but made an appearance in Los Angeles in 2004 to collaborate in the recording studios for a new CD featuring Vinnie Colaiuta, Kevin Brandon, Tony Brock, Belinda A. Skinner and other. Coming back to Rome his TC gang is asked from Jenny B for her tour in Italy. After tour Tony decides to record a record with the compositions has' been writing through the last years.

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