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Simon Ash

As a young student he took 13 years of training with top instructors in the UK and USA.
The pinnacle was intensive study at Drummers Collective in New York, considered by many to be the finest drum teaching establishment in the world.

His knowledge has been passed on through his Ash Bash Drum School where he teaches when he is both available and in the UK. He is listed on Premier Drums list of top UK qualified instructors. The Ash Bash Drum School has now expanded to 4 locations, each with teaching and recording facilities, all operating under franchise.

Simon has for a long time been interested in the studio side of music for the creativity of it all. He has worked with top name producers such as Gus Dudgeon (Elton John), Steve Bush (The Stereophonics), Pedro Ferreria (The Darkness) and many others.
He has played on many albums and singles, some secretly, and even done numerous TV projects for clients such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky via
Stealth Productions.

He has played gigs all over the world and has a real fire and energy in his live performance that is thrilling to watch. His style is tasteful, powerful yet controlled. A strong exponent of live playing to click tracks he is equipped for the modern demands of a musician.
Still hungry and still working Simon is a professional drummer first and foremost that knows a fair bit about recording yet also likes to teach for the down to earth one to one communication. Students become friends, bands trust his skills and he still follows his original dream to `just play drums every day and make a living from music.

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