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Sandy Gennaro

Sandy Gennaro first became involved in the Monkees scene in 1987 when he accompanied Micky, Davy, & Peter as the drummer for their concert tour that year. Sandy returned to The Monkees in September 1996 as well as in early 1997 when all four members performed a month long tour of the UK. They continued through the summer in the US without Nesmith. By the time the 2001 Monkees reunion came around, Sandy was back in the mix behind the drum set where he stayed until the end of 2002. Now no stranger to the Monkees community, Sandy is currently on the road with Davy Jones where he has performed for the past few years between Monkees reunions.

In addition to The Monkees & Davy Jones, Sandy has performed or recorded with artists such as Joan Jett, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Bolton, Johnny Winter, The Pat Travers Band, Robin Gibb and has appeared on various TV programs like the Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show, American Bandstand, Entertainment Tonight, and the MTV Video Music Awards.
"I think
Wildhorse Ranch Rescue is a godsend," says Sandy. "My love for horses dates back to my pre-teen years as a stable boy on Staten Island [New York] and continues today. My only tattoo consists of a bust of a horse --"Flicka" -- depicted in a winners circle. WHRR does for animals what they cannot do for themselves. I will do all I can to perpetuate the necessary work of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue now and into the future. It's a no-brainer." Visit Sandy at www.sandygennaro.com.

Quotes and Reviews

Here's what leading performers have said about Sandy:

"Sandy plays for the song......He's great!!".......Cyndi Lauper

"Everything Sandy plays on sounds like a hit record!"......Joan Jett

"I've known Sandy for 16 years-no other drummer can hold a stick to him, he is the greatest
-- he's the best and what a friend!" ......Davy Jones.

"I have met and played with a lot of drummers in my life. Over the past year I got to know and play with Sandy Gennaro. I can say first hand that he is a true professional who has an intense passion for the drums. Sandy is a winner and I am proud to call him a brother."......Peter Criss - KISS

"The Italian Battalion.....what a pocket".........Pat Travers

"...the best shuffle this side of Texas".......Johnny Winter

"When I see footage of a classic drummer, Bonham, Krupa, Baker or Rich - I think of the best drummer I've ever played with - Sandy Gennaro - he stands alone"........Benny Mardones

"If you want the best Rock & Roll drummer, call Sandy Gennaro. If you want someone who cares about what happens on the stage, call Sandy Gennaro. If you want a decent standup guy call Sandy, just dont call when he's on the road with me"..........Lou Christie.

"Touring as Sandy's drum tech was like a decade of daily private lessons on style, technique, skill and showmanship"..........Bob Oyler, Indianapolis, Indiana

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