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Sam Aliano

Sam Aliano was born in Melbourne Australia July 16 1972. He started showing an interest in drums at the tender age of 4 and started taking lessons at the age of 5. In that year he also performed his first gig playing percussion with the Marciano Music school orchestra in Melbourne. From the ages 6 through 14, Sam played in a Latin dance band with his family, performing in Melbourne and Interstate. With this band, Sam was the youngest musician to perform live on 3EA radio station.
From the ages of 15 to 19, Sam took drum lessons with a vast range of teachers, learning many different musical styles and techniques. During this time, Sam performed as a freelance artist, including performances with big band outfits, Latin, funk and fusion bands as well as backing popular commercial shows and solo artists. Sam then began teaching professionally at his home studio, performing clinics and master classes at primary and high schools before joining the teaching staff at Drumtek in Melbourne.
In 1996 Sam headed off to the USA to study with world renowned players and build solid friendships with the legendary Dom Famularo and local New Jersey drummer Joe Bergamini. Sam also studied with, Joe Morello, Frank Katz, Michael Lauren, Brian Kirk and Anton Figg.

In 1997 Sam was invited to Italy to perform at the Musica Academa Moderna in Milan with local Italian drummer Tulio De Piscopo, who Sam still regards as one of his favorite drummers. Sam also performed at U.M. University in Sicily to a sell out crowd before returning to Australia.

In 1998 Sam was asked to perform at the Ultimate Drummers Day in Australia alongside formidable artists such as Dave Weckl and band, Terry Bozzio, Dom Famularo, Chad Wackerman and local Australian drummer Grant Collins. Samís performance was filled with many musical styles, blistering technique, double bass drumming and showmanship which left a lasting impact on all who were there. In that same year, Sam was invited back to Italy to tour with his band Downtown.

In 1999 Sam maintained a busy work schedule playing and freelancing in Australia and throughout Asia with the Tom Jones tribute band, Disco Inferno, Downtown, Geoff Atchison, Reverend Funk And The Horns Of Salvation etc. as well as maintaining a busy teaching schedule at Drumtek. Work began on Sam's solo CD, emalgamation.

In 2000 Sam toured with the Tom Jones tribute band in : Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong. Sam also finished his solo CD and planned a released during 2001

In 2001 Samís solo CD, emalgamation was launched at the Ultimate Drummers Day in Melbourne. An event featuring the likes of Ndugu Chancler (Michael Jackson), Zoro (Lenny Kravitz), Dave Lombardo (Slayer) and Planet X (Virgil Donati, Tony McApline, Dave Larue & Derek Sherinian). The Sam Aliano Band also went on to support Planet X during their national tour.

Sam Aliano and his band have continued performing throughout Australia in support of his Solo material including a showcase appearance at the inaugural Electric Jazz Festival on December 2, 2001. The event also featured the Chad Wackerman Group and others.

In 2002 The Sam Aliano Band toured with Allan Holdsworth. Sam was also asked to perform at this years Ultimate Drummers Day Weekend, along side Dom Famularo, Virgil Donati, Frank Gambale, Ricc Firabracci, Dave Weckl Band, Luis Conte, John Tempesta. Sam also toured the U.S.A to perform at drum clinics, Master Classes and Gigs.

2003 Sam relocated to Los Angeles and joined Pool House Asylum and Prototype. Sam was asked to perform in Brazil at the Batuka Drum Festival along side Dom Famularo, Jim Chapin, Marco Minemann, Julio Figueroa and Vera Figueiredo.

2004 Sam is tourong Nationally and Internationallywith Gongzilla.

Sam is also performing at this year's Montreal Drum Festival.

Sam's level of experience, ability to play multiple styles of music, and provide professional value added services such as musical directorship and sight reading put him in high demand for shows ranging from small club trios playing jazz through to large capacity stadium shows playing classical and country music. At the age of 31 Sam continues the path toward becoming one of the highly respected and world renowned drummers of modern times.

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