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Ron Casey

Just helped beat the"Guinness World Record" with over 264 drummers playing simultaneously in unison under one conductor for more than six minutes. Well over "Three Hundred Drummers" registered with 264 performing to beat the old record of 120 drummers previously held in Spain.

A Prineville Oregon native and current Washington State resident musician. This Veteran drummer is equipped with a great sense of humor and some lead and back-up vocal abilities.
Rons early memories from about 6-years old and growing up in a small ranching/cowboy community of "Prineville Oregon" are when his step- father, "HI COOK" , A guitar player, Took his family to the local high-school to See a young 23-year old singer/songwriter musician,"Roger Miller".Roger was just out on his own and with several hits out on the radio and playing small towns. After having played in bands with the likes of "Ray Price", Willie Nelson", And "Faron Young", and many others Just to name a few !

That evening after the conclusion of Rogers performance, Rons step Father had to go to work as a lead guitar Picker at the "Pioneer Club". Later in the evening, Roger Miller showed up and sat in to the delight of the crowd and showed everyone how it was done.
Hi Cook, and Roger Miller, have since passed on, But their music and memories shall live forever. Roger was just one of many that came out and jammed with his step fathers band over the years that included the likes of :
As a youngster, Ron wanted to emulate his older brothers, (WHAT WAS HE THINKING?)
He too wanted to play the drums. He would occasionaly get caught sneaking in a few of his own licks on their gear. This cost him with some "UN-NECESSARY" lumps and verbal abuse. Eventually, Ron Received a nice new fancy blue sparkle "Sears & Roebuck" snare drum, stand, and sticks, given to him by his natural father, "Elliott".
About the time the sixth grade came along, Ron would have a few friends stay over on the weekends and would later take them out to the local hot spot watering hole, {The Pioneer Club}. Ron and his twelve year old bar hopping buddies would listen to his step-father and brothers' band while waiting for Rons mother,"Delores", to finish her shift in the dining room and to do her clean up duties before she took the boys back home. Late one evening, as Ron Fibbed to his very believing buddies that he works with his Stepdads band all the time , The Band, so happened to take a break and walked out into the quiet but closed dining area. It was at this moment that Ron had that "Deer in The HeadLight Look" upon his face, as he knew that he had been had when he seen the looks on his brother(The Drummer) and stepfathers faces. It was at that very moment, to the delight and encouragement and over whelming approval of his two buddies, when Ron was asked by his older brother: "Would you like to get up and "SIT-IN"? After several excuses to include:(Give me Two or Three years, I'll practice real hard and come back.) and, oh yeah ,
Lets not forget the threats of "UN-NECESSARY LUMPS",
along with a little verbal abuse right then and there on the spot!
Ron walked up onto the stage with weak knees and drum sticks in hand !
(Tail tucked between legs, His buddies were impressed ).....
He had received a crash course of on the job training and that was the evening that opened the doors for which Ron is forever greatful !

Ron has been playing and performimg every since then! At 13, he was playing at jam sessions with his step fathers band. Later , he received his first paying job at the local kids rec center when the drummer for the "Rock & Roll" Band, "NO-SHOWED" ,but his gear was already there & set-up.
In the early 80's, Ron and his family moved from "Central Oregon" , to the "Port Angeles Washington" area where he worked with several musicians to include the talented brothers on keyboard & Sax , "Lawrence & Floyd Liljedahl". Eventually, Mr. Casey teamed up with"The Powder River Duo", Featuring guitarist & singer,"Bill Harper" And bass picker & singer,"Jef Boyd".Although missed, Mr. Boyd later moved on to pursue & fulfill a successful and rewarding career in another field.A new band emerged however with existing Powder River Band members featuring (PRB) founder,"Bill Harper", "Ron Casey", & the additional talents of"Leo Bidne", & "Chris Judy.The new "PowdeRiver" band had arrived !

Now having over thirty three years of experience from having played small clubs,with house bands, and private parties, to casinos, to studio work in central & eastern oregon, to backing up country musics living legend,"Bobby Bare". Ron also toured, traveled, and headLined fairs and concerts with independant recording label artists, (Ethan Allen King & The Slow Livestock Band), And also with
Friend, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, & Central Oregons very own , "Ross Rogers" ,Of Eyore & Company Ranch,Ross's Song Library Include: (Rodeo), (No place to go), (Jack Daniels), (Talk is Cheap) etc. "Jack Daniels" was the #1 song and most requested for over 5-weeks at Redmond Oregons radio station-KPRB, and it also did well as a crossover at local Rock & Roll Stations !
Roger's latest Song, "Talk is Cheap", Recorded on the album "Not So Little Anymore" by
fellow Central Oregonian, "Dean Tuftin", on Oregon's "Stolen Horse Records" label is doing very well on air-play and fast approaching the TOP-10 list on major Canadian radio stations.
He's got a hit on his hands, Atta boy Ross!
A very talented songwriter, Ross also co-wrote two other songs on the release.

Mr. Casey has also been honored to have opened concerts for "C.B.S." recording label artist,,,,
" Chris Ledoux & The Western Underground ".

Not to mention the countless local talented musicians he has worked with all through out Washington & Oregon as well as having played the Port Angeles Washington "Concert on the pier" series, and the Redmond Oregon, "Music On The Green"Concert series.
Other notable jobs were the Popular local "Duck Derby",
and Several Engagements at" The Seven Cedars Casino". He has volunteered and donated his time for countless benefits for tragic stricken families and friends over the years, and continues to do so. Not currently in a band and performing, Ron is always finding ways to involve himself with music if it's working with his young son or supporting awareness of "Keeping Live Music Alive" & supporting local musicians. He was recently voted in as Vice President of local live music support group KLMA & is also the groups web master.The group will host at least two large events each year featuring several bands & making the community aware of local talent. Read more at the following KLMA link."Keep Live Music Alive"..

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