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Piero Borri

Drums, percussion.
Born in Firenze in 1958, begins early to play the drums, learning his first rudiments from his father, who was drummer during the war in some jazz orchestras; since the age of fifteen he was playng in the best known Italian jazz Clubs such as the Music Inn in Rome, the Swing Club in Turin or the Capolinea in Milan, in different groups with Urbani, Della Grotta , Flores, Tonolo, Scascitelli, Maurino, Marcotulli and Rea, who are people of his age.
He ripens several meaningful experiences by accompanying also some famous American jazzmen such as Tony Scott, Curtis Fuller, Sal Nistico, during their journeys in Italy.
In the second half of the '70s he attends the conservatoire "L. Cherubini" in Florence where he studies the trumpet and then he attends the consevatoire "G.Verdi" in Milan where he study percussions with Franco Campioni.

He make friends with the American drums player Marvin "Boo-Ga-Loo" Smith and with the percussionist Karl Potter, with their aid he goes deep into the study of jazz language, and he teaches with them in the new-born school of music at St.Louis Club in Rome. He is not yet twenty when he attends at the courses at the Berkley College of Music in Boston and at the Drummer Collective in New York.
In Florence he is one of the founders of the first jazz school in the city, called Centro Attività Musicali"Andrea del Sarto"; in this structure he developes an intense activity of teaching and of research both as a teacher and as a drums player in the orchestra of the school that, with Bruno Tommaso's direction, plays in various Italian cities and realizes a series of live recording for RAI.
In the '80s with the musicians listed belov he takes part in a lot of international festivals in Italy and makes concerts in Switzerland, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark and USSR; he produces for his own record label (A Tempo) three CD, realized with vangaurd technological resources, a project that provides for the promotion of Italian jazz abroad, in which, besides the double-bass player Furio di Castri and his friend, the journalist Marco Magrini, take place also the US musicians Paul Motian , Joe Lovano, the Swedish Anders Jormin and Anders Kjellberg and the Italian Franco D'Andrea, Rita Marcotulli and Enrico Rava , who records "Toucan" with the group "Giochi Proibiti" were Piero is the dummer.
In the last years he continues with passion his personal research in the study of rhythm and time according to different perspectives: historical, ethnical, philosophical , psycological, mathematical and physical, in addiction to the musical perspective.
He promoves in Tuscany a lot of teaching enterprises both as an organizer and as an interpreter, and assistant or as a producer of his musicians and percussionists collegues : Roberto Gatto, Alessio Riccio, Cristian Meyer, Giuseppe Bonanno, Alessandro Fabbri, Roberto Faenzi, Walter Calloni, Naco, Daniele Trambusti, Candelo Cabezas, Antonio Gentile, Gianni Cerone, Dimas Camargo, Karl Potter, Billy Cobham , William Calhoun, Mike Portnoy , Simon Phillips and Trilok Gurtu.
Nowadays he is a teacher at the Accademia Musicale di Firenze in the courses of Percussion and Rhythm training. Since 20 years he has been friendly collaborating with the UIFP company in Pistoia, which produces cymbals and percussion instruments as an adviser and product specialist; he has recently designed an original model of drumset which has called "Maffy", producted and commercialized by the Qdaila of Rome.

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