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Paul Goldberg

Drummer Paul Goldberg held his CD release party at LaVeLee in December.
He studied music at Philadelphia College for Performing Arts, and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in drums and percussion. He's been featured in "Modern Drummer" magazine. Paul has performed, or recorded with such artists as Bill Medley, The Manhattans, Pete Christleib, Bob Sheppard, Bruce Fowler, Otmaro Ruiz, The Billy Wilson band (featuring Tom Petty), and Jean-Michel Byron (of TOTO), to name a few. Some of his TV and FILM Credits include; The Last Samurai, Rush Hour II, Will and Grace, West Wing, Along Came Polly, The Nutty Professor II, The Drew Carey Show, Boston Legal, and Less than Perfect.
LaVeLee is a venue in Studio City that presents a variety of jazz styles, from Contemporary, Latin, Brazilian, Fusion, Blues, World beat and Straight-ahead. They feature groups that you don't hear at most of the other jazz clubs around LA Goldberg's new CD is titled "Whim of the Current," which he produced, with CO-producer Mike Fennel, who also engineered the CD done at "Universal Studios."
Goldberg had a first rate quartet that included Glen Berger (on tenor & soprano saxes and flute), Bill Fulton (on electric keyboards), and Derek Frank (on acoustic and electric basses). I enjoyed the groups energy, spirit, and musicianship. They did a great job covering many different styles, doing them all well. I also happened to sit next to "Les McCann," who seemed to really be enjoying the band too.
The first tune "The One Step" (by Chick Corea), was a shuffle, but in a more contemporary style, with Berger on soprano sax. The tune had an easy, mellow groove, combining contemporary, and straight-ahead jazz, and then went into a double time feel. Goldberg's drumming was strong, but not overbearing. "Wind Sprint" (by John Patitucci), was a jazz-funk piece that had a heavy drum beat with Berger switching to tenor sax. The tune had a nice bounce to it, with a strong bass pulse. Berger's solid playing was a delight, as he played with a lot of conviction. Fulton was in top form on his solo and Frank got in some strong licks on his bass solo. Goldberg kicked the band with his powerful drumming. The crowd loved it!
"Pravoce" (by Michel Camilo), had Berger playing flute on the beautiful theme. There was a nice blend between Fulton, and Berger. Fulton swung hard on his solo, and Frank got in some creative licks on his solo. "Eighty-one" (by Ron Carter), was a funk/jazz piece that reminded me of Miles Davis' "Footprints" period...very spacey feeling. Berger burned on his tenor sax. "Black Nile" (by Wayne Shorter), was done at a fast clip, in a straight-ahead groove. Goldberg kept a strong rhythmic groove throughout, helped along by Frank's strong bass work. Berger cooked on tenor, as he bopped through the changes. "Samba Song" (by Chick Corea), was a Latin/fusion tune, with a contemporary flavor. It got pretty wild, and everyone nailed their solos. The closer was "Cappuccino" (by Corea), an up tempo bebop piece. Berger tore it up on soprano sax, and the whole group worked hard, and ended the set on a high note. I really enjoyed the group and their outstanding performance. The audience was also really into the music. I wish Goldberg a lot success with his latest project.
By: Bob Comden
"Bob's Beat", Column of LA Jazz Scene Newspaper
January 2005 Issue No. 208

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