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Olaf Fase

Early 2004 the all-girl trio Treble reached the top position in the Dutch charts with their swinging song `Ramaganana'. On June 1st No Trouble is released, the debut album of Caroline Hoffman and the two sisters Niña and Djem van Dijk. The album was recorded at the Arnold Muhren studio in Volendam with producer Peter van Asten (Twarres). The three girls, who are `multi-instrumental', are supported on the album by Dutch top musicians: Ton Dijkman (drums), Rob Winter (guitar), Giovanni Caminita (bass guitar), Anthony Tolsma (percussion) and Gregor Hamilton (piano). All of them are musicians with a great track record who have played with Marco Borsato, Candy Dulfer, Twarres and Total Touch.
Not only do they play different instruments, they also wrote all of the songs on the album themselvses; both music and lyrics. They have managed to melt various genres into one excentric Treble sound, which is best described as `ethnic pop music' or, better yet, `pop music with an exotic element'. "This album is exactly like us. `Ramaganana' is excentric and is sung in a fantasy language, but it's certainly not the only thing we do. We try to create as many moods as possible."

No Trouble is not only diverse, but also very international and almost `not Dutch'.
"We don't know why that is. It probably has to do with our interest in other cultures. Caroline traveled around the world for two years and Djem and Niña grew up in the Carribbean." The album contains a mix of close harmonies in uptempo pop songs with a rock edge and catchy choruses ('10 Years Ago', `Part of the Day'), beautiful ballads (`Mrs DJ', `True Frien), South American pop (`All Alone'), and swinging African tracks sung in a made up Treble language (`Ramaganana' ,`Lora Baya', `Caius').
A good example of Treble's versatality is the second single `Magic', which is the exact opposite of the swinging `Ramaganana' with a mystic atmosphere and powerful composition. A limited edition of `No Trouble' will be released with a bonus DVD, including the two videos and a `Making Of' plus footage of their recent trip to Zambia with WWF.
Recently, Treble went to sunny Mallorca to record videos for `Magic' and the international release of `Ramaganana'. De shoots were a blast and the blond trio drew a lot of attention in Spain: "During the shooting of `Ramaganana', street kids joined in spontaneously with the Brasilian Capoeira dancers. One little boy of 8 years old even did a cartwheel on one hand and a splits. That was awesome! We are extremely happy with the result of these videos."
Treble was literally founded on the streets. Ten years ago Caroline met the sisters Niña and Djem, and taught them in an unconventional way to have fun with music. They immediately connected and formed a trio they themselves called the `three headed monster'. After a few jam sessions, they decided to play on the streets. They soon drew a lot of attention, not just because of their perfect close harmony, but also because of their African percussion instruments, like congas and djembes. They did not only play on the streets and at parties for various crowds, but also traveled to the Greek islands and Venice to find out if they could make a living with their music. Once they returned to the Netherlands, Treble signed a record deal with CNR Records, the rest is history. The debut single `Ramaganana' reached the top position in the Top 40 and Mega Top 50 and Treble was nominated in the category Best National Newcomer at the TMF Awards. No Trouble is no more than a logical next step on their long musical journey, which has not reached its destination yet.
In May Treble left for Zambia on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature. They will act as ambassadors for the Go Wet and Wild campaign, which is related to the local irrigation problems. "It's a project that makes us feel good, because the water those people are lacking, will be returned by a computer controlled dam, which will let through water on time and in sufficient floods. It's a natural way of irrigation based on the climate." Although Caroline, Niña and Djem have mastered the African rhythm, it's their first journey to Africa. Early June a report of this journey will be broadcasted in a TV special with the Dutch AVRO network.
Besides all of this, Treble will perform at various festivals from September till mid January and will go on an extensive Dutch theatre tour. They will be backed up live by a band that Treble formed through auditions via appeals on radio and TV: bass guitarist Emanuel Platino, drummer Olaf Fase and guitarist Willem Philipsen. "There is a great musical and personal connection between the six of us. It's like we've played together for years." According to Treble, a live band gives them the edge they've been looking for: "We want to perform with a band in front of a large crowd, because you get a different vibe, more power. With just the three of us, it sometimes pales into insignificance."
Treble is like a fresh wind in the Dutch pop music scene: musically innovative, not to be categorized and with international class. No Trouble is a worthy debut full of enchanting songs that make you forget all of your worries. This is music you have to experience, or as Treble express it on their new single `Magic': "Feel the rhythm, feel the beat, feel the spirit, feel good, feel the heat."

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