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Nicky Gebhard

Born in Berlin.
First piano lesson with nine years. At an age of 12 he became singer in a school band. Since his fourteenth year self-taught drums and played in several bands (Soul, Blues, Jazz and Jimi Hendrix Cover - Band).

Started a music degree in Dortmund (Drums and piano).
At this time he worked as a freelancer at the city theatre Dortmund as a musician and arranger, temporary help at the symphony orchestra of Dortmund.
Played drums for various jazz and rock bands, e.g. Günther Boas Band and the cult band ZOPPO TRUMP

Changeover to the music university in Cologne.
Incidential music at the theatre in Cologne and Bochum. Studio musician at the WDR studios.

Drummer at the german top band Wallenstein
Tours through Europe.
LP "No More Love" and TV.
Drum and percussion teacher at the music school in Mönchengladbach

Since 1978
Conductor of the Percussion-Ensembles from MG

Chairman of drum seminars at the Sound & Music Festival in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund

Publication of the drum school
Technikübungen für Schlagzeug und Percussion Heft 1
(Technique practises for drums and percussion Issue 1)

First performance at the city theatre in Mönchengladbach
Expedition für 7 Percussionisten in 4 Teilen
(Expedition for 7 percussionists in 4 parts)

Examination as music school teacher (subject drum)
Rock theatre M.E.K.BILK (offside) on TV "Bio's Bahnhof"

LP "Nett und Adrett" M.E.K. BILK

Various jazz-rock-bands (e.g. KARMA)

Anniversary concert - 10 years percussion ensemble MG

Editor and author for the drum magazine "Rimshot"

Editor and author for the drum magazine "Drums & Percussion"

Author for the magazine "Fachblatt"

CD production with "Alex Parche Projekt" (hard rock)

Since 1993
"Mr. Groove Box" solo
"Teachers Experience" (jazz quintett)

Since 1994
"Percussion Project" Duo Raimund Engelhardt / Nicky Gebhard
Publication of the drum school "Groove Box Band 1" at IMP/Warner.
Many drumclinics and workshops.
Author for different european drum magazines (Sticks, Batteur, Rhythm and Slagwerkkrant). Since 1988 he made over 200 interviews with the big names of the drum scene.

Workshop tour "Groove Box Live" in more than 25 cities in Germany, Austria and Swiss.

Publication of the solo CD "Nicky Gebhard - Gee Fresh"
Management of the promising young drummer competition at the music fair in Frankfurt.
Workshop tour "Groove Box verstärkt" through 20 cities in cooperation with AKG.
Tour with "Gee Fresh" in may/june.
Conductor of the youth concerts "Percussissimo" in Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.
CD production with, the former saxophonist from Miles Davis, Bill Evans.

Publication of "Groove Box Band 2" including Play Along CD for IMP/Warner in Munich.
Second solo CD "No Cry, Just Music!" with "Gee Fresh"
Workshop tour "Play-Along mit der Groove Box 2" through 20 cities in Germany, Swiss and Austria in cooperation with IMP, AKG, Zildjian and DW.
German tour with "Gee Fresh" from april till june.

Foundation of the rock and jazz music school groove! institute in Mönchengladbach
Workshop tour "Groove Box für Kids" in Germany and Austria.
German tour of "Gee Fresh" from april till may.

German tour with "Gee Fresh"
Workshop tour "Fun with drums" through 12 cities in Austria and Swiss.
Many live activities with the groove! institute.

Workshop tour "Drum Sounds" through 11 cities in Germany in cooperation with AKG, Hughes & Kettner, GEWA, Zildjian, DW and Ford
Spring tour in Germany with "Gee Fresh"
Various live activities with the groove! institute.

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Featured Member
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