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Mickey Curry

Mickey Curry was born in New Haven, CT, USA. 'Mickey Curry started playing drums when he was 11. He studied at school, and had lessons with a great drummer named Nick Forte, who taught him how to get around the kit, and keep time. It has been Mr. Curry's most important tool ever since. Mr. Curry played in many local bands in CT until around 1980, when he started working in studios in NY. One of the sessions that he had worked on was with Daryl Hall & John Oates, and he stayed with them until 1986, when he began working pretty much full time with Bryan Adams.

"Iv'e been lucky enough to record & perform with some great people over the years, and I'll continue to work as long as people hire me!"

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This particular fanlisting is for the drummer Mickey Curry, who currently plays for Bryan Adams and has since 1981, along with many others, including Hall & Oates, Tina Turner, and Carly Simon.

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