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Mauro Gatto

I took my first drum lessons in 1979 with Eddy de Fanti, percussionist of "La Fenice" Theater of Venice, and at the Music Academy of Venice, learning the first jazz and latin rudiments with several swing bands, and at the same time laying my hands on rock, learning the language of John Bohnam and Ian Paice.
I played from 1985 to 1988 with a swing band all over Europe, and in 1990 I began my professional experience with a ballroom band, five years touring Italy from north to south.
In 1995 I set up the trio "Nuti and the Gatto Boogie Band," playing swing, tango, latin, ethnic and pop.
I thereafter began my activity with the klezmer band "Barbapedana" recording three CDs with them "Sherele" "I Tre Lorienti" and "Yol," taking part in many music festivals all across Europe.

In March 1997, I began my adventure with the hard-rock band "Altro Mondo," and began playing live and in sessions with names like Ian Paice, Tommy Emmanuel, James Burton, Guido Toffoletti and Claudio Golinelli, and recording other things with many musicians.
I began taking other drum lessons in Milan with Marco Volpe and Davide Ragazzoni, and started teaching in several schools in my local area. Now I'm working with the classic music ensemble of Vicenza staging "Jesus Christ Superstar" and with the band "Manodopera" recording a first CD called "Terratradita", published by an independent folk-rock record company UPR, and touring with James Thompson and John Henry.
I collaborate with an Italian all-star klezmer band called "Yesh Gvul".
I've done studies of frame drums and doumbek with the Brazilian teacher Eneas da Silva Jr., playing and teaching in his school "Berimbau".

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