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Mario Calandrelli

Mario Calandrelli, drummer, percussionist, educator, clinician and " computer - drum machine programmer ", was born in Venosa, a small pleansant town lied in the bed of a lake - basin, in the north - east of Basilicata (a region in the south of Italy). His beginnings are very similar to a lot of other famous music mates' ones, drummers and no drummers. While still very young he demonstrated a gift for rhythm and music. The " fateful meeting " with drums occurred when he was only three years old.
The " fateful meeting " with drums occurred when he was only three years old.
While attending a family wedding he was dazzled by the sight of the drums. There was, in fact, the typical band cheering up the party. The next day, using pot lids, boxes and washing powder bins he began practicing.

Soon he was able to reproduce accurately the drum parts he heard on recordings he used for his practice sessions. At the age of four, he was already able to play along the records with an excellent " time keeping "

In view of the impossibility to get a real set because of his tender age, every Christmas he used to receive a small drum kit for children as a gift, and naturally the toyshop 's owner was able to have one in stock because he was pretty sure about the selling of it.

When he was eight years old, Sandro Barbano a family friend who wished to assure that little Mario's passion would not fade, convinced his parents to purchase his first real drum kit. He perceived the " little Mario's " music abilities and his natural talent, and even pleaded willing to give Mario as present a drum set.
For years he studied his instrument seven / eight hours a day, which enabled him to achieve an excellent technical level. At this point his formal studies began. He took drum lessons with Fulvio Angelotti, and then harmony and solfege lessons under a local teacher's guidance. His talent for drumming and music in general, made him be involved in different music situations: from the music folkloristic ensemble and the band of his secondary school to groups with different stylistic directions. Later, he enrolled in the " Umberto Giordano " music conservatory in Foggia where he studied for one year, under the direction of Profs. Antonio Santangelo (the well known Italian drummer Antonio Santangelo's son).
Further studies took him to Rome, to Timba, a well known school for drummers and percussionists. He studied with Beppe Giampietro and Paulo La Rosa (He was the percussionist of the " Antonio e Marcello " house band for the national TV show, " I fatti vostri ", and in the " Festival di Sanremo " orchestra in the '97 and '98 editions. Right now he is a Demo Morselli's band member in a couple of Italian TV shows, such as " Buona Domenica " and " Maurizio Costanzo Show "). By the time he completed his high school and resolved to dedicate himself completely to music and drums which became his life by now.
In October of 1996, he moved to Boston to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. During this time he had the opportunity to study with the great Gary Chaffee, considered one of the greatest drum teachers in the world...a real drum guru, credited with teaching some of the most successful and influential players on the contemporary drumming scene such as David Beal, Vinnie Colaiuta, Joey Kramer, Jonathan Mover, John " JR " Robinson, Casey Scheuerell and Steve Smith to name only a few of them.

During his staying in Boston, he was able to record several cd's (as drummer and percussionist) by students from Berklee or local coming up artists, and he played in several prestigious pubs and jazz clubs in Boston and New York. In January of 2000 he released his first solo record entitled " The rhythms of my life " (self - produced, with 15 tracks). The making of it is a very important target and, in the same time, a starting point in his career. It takes him towards a major musical maturity and sensibility. In the mean time, it represents the attainment of the first step in his career. This cd reflects " who MARIO CALANDRELLI is right now ", and, also it expresses the musical assumptions where " THE NEW MARIO CALANDRELLI " will grow from. The cd, handed in January 2000 as final project at Berklee and considered one of the best produced among the other students' cd's during the last attended semester (Spring 2000 semester), enabled him to win the " Professional Music Achievement Award ", a prestigious award consisting of a plate and a sum of money, granted to the most meritorious students standing out for their talent and academic accomplishments.

On May 13th 2000 he obtained his diploma at Berklee in " Professional Music " with a 3.90 Gpa.
In September he moved to Los Angeles and studied for three months at L.A. Music Academy under the direction of Ralph Humphrey (famous drummer who collaborated with the great Frank Zappa), and also, privately, with drummers and percussionists like Steve Ferrone, John " JR " Robinson and Luis Conte who need no additional introduction. He had the pleasure to collaborate with several arrangers, producers and musicians to record several cd's, jingles and film scores. In 2002 he publishes this web site, reached by more than 7600 net navigators (counting at the first of March 2005), notified in more than 100 among search engines, music database, music related directories, and national and international musicians' web sites.

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