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Liberty DeVitto

Best known as Billy Joel's longtime drummer, Liberty DeVitto has also appeared as a session drummer on recordings for a variety of other artists. Born on August 8, 1950, in Brooklyn, NY, DeVitto grew up in Seaford, Long Island; and, after catching the Beatles on their infamous Ed Sullivan Show appearance in early 1964, was inspired to play the drums.
Born in Brooklyn, NY, son of a NYC policeman, Liberty grew up on Long Island. At the age of 18, after constant practice and playing in local bands, he received a phone call from a guy that said he was Mitch Ryder's tour manager. That night and for the next six weeks he was on the road with Mitch. Right after Mitch, Liberty got his first recording experience. The album "Supa's Jamboree" was released on Paramount Records. One night after a gig, liberty was driving and flipped the equipment van. He sustained serious injuries, which brought him a year of not playing.

Upon recovery, the group Topper was formed. Toppereventually became the band for Billy Joel. Twenty-six years later, still playing with Billy, Liberty's new love is The Fun(k) Club.

The Fun(k) Club Bio:
Step into the club and find out what happens when you take six of the best players in the world and mix'em together with all the greasy funk, rhythm and blues, New Orleans and Southern styles that they can muster thru fingers and lips. Charter members of the club... Liberty DeVitto and Larry Jacoby pound out the solid Fun(k) Club groove, while Doug Bare lays out the nasty organ bed.
Enter Charlie DeChant, Tommy Calton and Steve Walters... bringing tricky and tasty melodies on saxophone, guitar and trumpet to the mix. The result? A funk that is undeniably soulful, energetic and fresh.

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