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Jon Carroll

Jon has been a working project drummer for thirteen years, specializing in rock, funk and rockabilly music. During that time, he has performed in assorted venues across the country, and he has recorded with both regional and national recording artists. Jon has also been a member of the Wright State University Concert Band, Dayton, Ohio and a private percussion instructor. Jon Carroll is one of the most active recording and performing drummers in the Lansing/Mid-Michigan area.

Jon holds a B.A. in Anthropology, and a Master of Humanities (M. Hum) degree, both from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Michigan State University. An aspiring archaeologist, Jon's research is focused on prehistoric social dynamics in the Great Lakes region of North America.
Jon favors rehearsing and recording with his Roland V-Drum Kit.

For live shows, Jon prefers to use either his Yamaha Maple Custom kit, or his Yamaha "Al Foster" Hip-Gig kit. He uses DW 5000 Delta II Accelerator and Tama Iron Cobra double kick pedals. Jon uses Paiste Signature Series cymbals exclusively.

The Recording Workshop,
Chillicothe, OH

Electric Love Kitchen Studios, Columbus, OH

Refraze Recording Studio, Dayton, OH

FJM Recording Studio, Dayton, OH

Hidden Music Studios, Dayton, OH

The Zoom Room, Dayton, OH
Cro-Mag Studios, Dayton, OH

Babble Fish Studios, Franklin, OH

Sound Space Recording Studio, Yellow Springs, OH

Rolling Rock Records Studios, Las Vegas, NV


Hard Rock Cafe, Las Vegas

E.J. Nutter Center,
Dayton, OH

Fraze Pavilion, Dayton, OH

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Featured Member
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