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Jon Belcher

Jon Belcher majored in percussion at Berklee College of Music and studied privately with Alan Dawson.
Jon is the author of two highly acclaimed percussion method books:

A veteran of the Los Angeles recording studios, his credits (recording & touring) include Fat Albert & the Cosby Kids, Phoebe Snow, Chrystal Gayle, Al Wilson, Ollie Mitchell, and latin percussionist Jack Costanzo.
He has recorded T.V. Jingles with Doc Severenson, the Golden Books for Disney studios, and a gold record with country artist Larry Groce. He was also a featured solo performer at the 1992 Worls Fair in Seville, Spain.

MOMENTUM is a labor of love from Drummer/ Composer JON BELCHER. For years Jon was the soundtrack drummer on TV's "FAT ALBERT & THE COSBY KIDS", before making his mark as a drumset clinician, the author of two highly acclaimed method books, and literally dozens of technique articles for drummers.
Seven of the ten tunes on MOMENTUM were composed by the drummer, so it shouldn't surprise that this music is energetic and incorporates exotic rhythms (the last track is a drum solo in the odd time signature of 17/4), and yet the tunes are still refreshingly groove oriented (Listen to "Mr Toad's Wild Ride") and melodic (Check out "Second Wind").

With "Benga Warrior" and the previously mentioned "Seventeen Special", you'll find two great showcases for Jon's drumming.

Many tracks utilize the combination of Vibes & Flute, or Vibes & Soprano Sax to state the melodies, and all the players maintain a concise focus on the music in a band packed with great soloists. Listen to Garey Herbig's Tenor Sax on "Second Wind", Frank Seeberger's Guitar work on "Seven Steps to Heaven", Andrienne Wilson's Flute on "It Ain't Necessarily So", or John Hansen's piano and Rickey Kelley's Vibes on "Blues for Kathie". While it's not really "Latin" music, MOMENTUM makes good use of Afro Cuban rhythms in seamless transition with straight ahead jazz grooves and the kind of funk beats you might expect from this alumni of Fat Albert's "Junkyard Gang".
-From legendary session drummer HAL BLAINE:
"Excellent drumming. Should be a part of every drummer's collection. Jon leads this group with the momentum that every drummer should have".
-Hal Blaine

-From world renowned drummer/educator: DOM FAMULARO:
"I must tell you, I was really very impressed with all of it. Your playing, the sound of the CD and the musicality of the tunes. I thought the musicianship was first class. The band was a seasoned team of experienced players. Your playing was mature, musical and you lead the band in a supporting but leaderly way. As a composer, I was also very impressed. The songs displayed emotions of a full range. Keep up the great work. You are continuing in a long line of dedicated drummers and you are creating your own path".
-Dom Famularo

"Momentum is Jon Belcher's first solo release as a drummer/composer, and it feels like a celebration. The musicians sound like they're just having a good time, not even noticing they're in a recording studio. Contemporary jazz enthusiasts will salivate. Throw it on the stereo and join the party"
-J. Layton, August, 2002 Indie-Music.com

"My favorite selection on the recording is "The Seventeen Special" featuring a 2 1/2 minute drum solo by Belcher. This solo focuses on Afro-Cuban styles, but is reminiscent of the soloing virtuosity of Buddy Rich".
-June, 2002 Percussive Notes.

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