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John Cardoso

John Cardoso - a drummer, percussionist, teacher, composer and arranger with the ability to adapt to a broad spectrum of musical situations.

A 1992 graduate of the Grove School of Music, John Cardoso has made his mark as a successful commodity on today's musical market, working as a hired gun bi-coastally in Los Angeles, New York and the tri-state areas. John holds a stellar reputation as being a one-take studio musician and is sought after by many musicians to enhance live performances, studio recording sessions and showcases. Touring both domestically and internationally has contributed to his seasoned talent and musical comprehension.

John has enjoyed working and collaborating with many notable musicians in the industry. Some of the musicians he has worked with are Bob Fernandez (Frank Zappa), Peter Holland (Tina Turner), Ronnie Lee Cunningham (Spencer Davis), The late great Joe Shermie (Three Dog Night), Ricky Riccardo (Tony MacAlpine), The Chamber Brothers, Andi Suzuki (David Benoit), Ron Pedley (Maynard Ferguson), Lex Lang, The Gipsy Kings, and Buggs Bower, a published Grammy award winner.

Born in Portugal and raised in sunny California, John enjoyed touring at the early age of 12 with a jazz big band. This experience enabled him to embrace a vast amount of cultural diversity, which aided in shaping his unique talent. Several years later, he was employed as a Program Coordinator at the Yamaha School of Music teaching, and performing clinics at various California Drum Festivals.
Upon moving to the east coast, John soon became involved at Young Musicians Institute as a Director of the percussion program. Recognizing his passion for teaching, John later enrolled at Five Towns College in Long Island, New York to pursue a degree in Music Education. This educational experience has prompted him to open Sounds Select Studios, specializing in assisting young adults to pursue their musical aspirations via live recording sessions and musical consultations. To further expand on this concept he has joined forces with a business partner to create Lydian Music Productions, offering a multitude of on-line professional music services.

John Cardoso is recognized as an outstanding performer and entertainer, and has a proven track record as being an individual of high standards and moral ethics. He continues to breathe new life into his musical endeavors and to those he influences through his genuine gift of teaching.

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