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Jerry Galloway

Self-study using brand-X drums and records of popular music, rock-n-roll, swing, ballads, easy-listening, etc. Also played alto saxophone in school band.
Played organ at this time (still possess my original Hammond, E-100). Began participation in high school marching band (saxophone) and more formal study of music.
1969 - 1970
Switched to double-bass drums - used Pearl-brand set, crummy hardware and cymbals. Continued saxophone in school bands, music theory in high school and some opportunity to play drums in school bands. Played drums with bands and misc. musicians in Milwaukee, Wis. primarily at private parties and special events. Was also the organist for the Centre Theatre (old Warner Bros. theatre), Milwaukee, WI, with 4 to 10 shows weekly.
1970 - 1972
Played private parties and clubs (lied about my age) in Detroit, MI, and the surrounding area, St. Louis, MO, and Evansville, IN. Graduated high school in 1972 in St. Louis, Mo. and was the orchestra and band student-conductor for area school districts.

Acquired greatly improved equipment, state-of-the-art pedals, improved hardware and ziljian cymbals. Began college in 1973 at Indiana State University and continued in Vineland, NJ in 1974. After using personal compositions for organ as audition(s), I continue my musical training majoring in theory and composition at Glassboro State College (now Rowan State University) at Glassboro, NJ. Continued to play clubs and such weekly with local bands and misc. musicians.
Switched new Slingerland drums and began as the drummer for Webb Pierce (click for photo), local tour - (Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Cherry Hill, Wildwood, etc.) and also played with the Steamrollers band. Also played local clubs (drums) with miscellaneous bands and musicians, some "original" music with local artists and studio recording. Also continued formal music training with primary focus on theory, analysis and composition. Study included voice, piano, violin, cello, oboe and bassoon, clarinet, trombone, acoustical theory, and more.
1977 - 1982
In 1977 expanded the Slingerland set to a double bass (click for photos), added cymbals and misc. percussion and travel equipment. (At this time, schooling continued along different lines, not in music). Co-founded the Stone Broke band in Houston, Texas, doing 2-3 shows weekly. This band grew to include roadies, light and sound persons, a portable stage for local travel, and some special effects. Music included country, rock-n-roll, R&B, ballads and more.
1983 - 1989
In 1983 Stone Broke reformed with several new musicians including horns and two female back-up singers. Dr. Galloway (drums) and Joe Campos (keyboard, bass and rhythm guitar) continued as original members, playing 2-3 shows per week in the greater Houston area.

1987: Received his Doctor of Education degree from University of Houston.
1989: Moved to Indiana & is now an Associate Professor of Education at Indiana University NW.
1992 - 1997
Played with the Steel Rose band in NW Indiana. While this band focused primarily on country music, the sound was more progressive and included a strong rock feel. In addition to modern country, the repertoire included oldies, rock-n-roll, ballads and occasional R&B songs. Once Steel Rose disbanded at the start of 1997 (at the end of the 30 year anniversary), Dr. Galloway worked with the Most Wanted band and lead singer Joy Castle. This group focused on country music with female lead vocals.
1997 - Current
After joining Ernie Givens and the White Lies Band in the Fall of '97, the schedule has been full as we've been busy performing throughout NW Indiana. The band is still booking for the remainder of 1998.
See Photo
1998 - March
The Slingerland drumset, pictured below, is completely refinished (relaminated) in a new color: Slingerland White Marine Pearl. The work was performed by the Jack Lawton Drum Co., Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The results were perfect. After almost 24 years this drumset looks and sounds brand new.
1998 - Summer
The Slingerland drumset now includes a full sound system. All drums have mic's (10) and everything runs through a Makki 16 channel mixer board. This turned out to be vital for meeting the quality and amplification for the bigger shows.

1999 - June-October !
Our CD (Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band - Let's Get Ready to Rumble!) plays throughout Europe and stays in the Top 100 for over 17 weeks. It reached # 2 in Europe's Top 100 on June 22nd. CD play coverage includes Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, France and England.

CD's available online at: http://www.jerrygalloway.com/cd/
1999 - October 3rd
Winner: Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band
O.C.T. Award in Nashville, Tennessee: "Best Independent Country Band" - 1999
Online Country, Dutch Country DJ Association, Tracker Magazine, Nashville, Tennesee
2000 - February 17-20
Mini - Tour: Brussels, Belgium in Europe
2000 - April
Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band - on the charts as Most Played... # 8 world-wide.
2000 - April
Winner: Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band
Golden Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee: "Best Group of the Year" - 2000
- Ernie Givens & The White Lies Band
Re: Indie-Tracker Magazine, Nashville, Tennesee
2002 -
Through out 2002, Dr. Galloway played additionally with the Midnight Montana band in North East Indiana.
2002 - January
After the retirement of Ernie Givens, Galloway continues to play with The White Lies Band throughout NW Indiana.
2004 -
Galloway continues to play with The White Lies Band throughout NW Indiana.

Personal CD produced - Best of Jerry Galloway - Willowtree Recording
White Lies Band CD produced - Still Kickin! - WIllowtree Recording
Another Personal CD - Jerry Galloway - Flip Side - WIllowtree Recording

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