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Jerrad Green

Jerrad Green is a seasoned session drummer at only 23 years old. With over 10 years of solid studio experience, Grammy award albums, and over 2000 recording sessions, Jerrad brings experience in Rock, Country, Jazz, Latin, Pop, and many other styles into the studio. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, he now makes his home in Myrtle Beach,SC where he is the staff drummer at the Carolina Opry.
Jerrad began playing drums at the age of 4. By 13, he was already getting experience as a session drummer playing on numerous demo sessions at studios in San Antonio. By the age of 14, Jerrad had already performed on over 100 song demos and 3 albums.
During his high school years he studied Jazz and Concert music while also performing and recording with the popular SA rock band, the JFJ CONSPIRACY. It was during this time he became one of the top session drummers in the San Antonio area.

By the age of 18, Jerrad already had numerous albums to his credits, including performance on a Grammy Award winning CD by Flaco Jimenez

Upon graduation from high school, Jerrad enrolled at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to continue his music education. Following a year of college, he toured for a year with the Christian Pop group, SHEPHERD HALL, while still working on studio projects in Nashville and San Antonio.
In addition to drums and percussion, Jerrad also plays several other instruments including guitar, piano, and bass and is experienced in producing and arranging. His background in almost every genre of music along with an ability to read music and the Nashville number system enables Jerrad to adapt to any style of music. Today Jerrad performs on many recording sessions in Myrtle Beach, as well as producing many album and demo projects in his own studio.

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