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Howard Franklin

A self-taught musician until college, Franklin started to seriously pursue the drums at the age of fifteen. His mother disputes that claim, saying "He started banging on everything he could get his hands on when he started walking--I guess around two years old." Remarkably, his mother played the drums as well. A consummate musician, Franklin works in Jazz, Funk, Gospel, Latin, R&B, Rock, Reggae, and Fusion settings. Franklin notes, "I believe that playing Go-Go in my earlier years helped me develop my ability to play different types of music."
A professional musician and endless student, he is always searching for new avenues of learning. Franklin recently returned to college to finish his music education degree under the tutelage of Calvin Jones (formerly of the Ray Charles Band, and currently Director of the Jazz Studies Program at the University of the District of Columbia).

Franklin also gives drum lessons, encouragement, and advice to many up and coming drummers.

Given the nickname Fishstix by Shirley Horn's drummer Steve Williams, Franklin is definitely headed for stardom. Owner of the historic Bohemian Caverns, Al Ashfar states, "Howard Franklin is one of the best drummers out of D.C." U.S. Congressman John Conyers of Michigan, a knowledgeable jazz enthusiast, said, "Wow, that was awesome!" after witnessing one of Franklin's performances.
Franklin has appeared, had workshops, or jam sessions with musicians such as Savant recording artist Bruce Williams; Blue Jay recording artist Nick Rolfe; J-curve recording artist Mark Gross; Blue Note recording artist Sherman Irby; Professor Calvin Jones; Marimelj recording artists Marshall Keyes and Marcus Johnson; Lawrence Wheatley; Marc Cary, George Colligan; Black Sheep (Reggae group); UDC Jazz Ensemble; Antonio Parker; David Kikoski; Englishman; Reuben Brown; Jackie McClean; René McClean; Curtis Lundy; Rufus Reid; Steve Turre; Roy Hargrove; Russell Gunn, Tim Warlfield, Gregory Tardy and many other bands and artists.

Howard Franklin, Jr. is a serious professional with an ability to motivate and elevate the levels of musicality with all musicians that play with him. He loves all types of music and will continue to work hard for a bright future.

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