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Greg Babineaux

A native of Houston, Tx, Greg Babineaux has been exploring the rhythmic and melodic voice of drums and percussion for over 20 years.

Greg's "big break" came when his elementary school performed "The Little Drummer Boy" in their Christmas program, and he volunteered to play bongos. Soon after, he got his first drumset and continued his musical education playing snare drum in Junior High Symphonic band, but soon found that his real love was drumset-spending hours playing and cutting his teeth to the likes of The Who and KISS.

He continued playing through High School in talent shows, parties, practicing, and playing with records for hours on end.

After High school, Greg began playing in clubs and expanding his drumming style to include funk, jazz, reggae, big band and world beat\ethnic musics, building his unique style with the influence of John Bonham, Stuart Copeland, Keith Moon, Neil Peart, Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham, and Dennis Chambers.
Other musicians/groups that have influenced his personal sound include James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, Miles Davis, Return to Forever (featuring Chick Corea), Bob Marley, The Police, Buddy Rich, Glen Miller and Shadowfax.

In 1992, Greg joined the Freddie Everett Band, performing in and around Houston, Texas, doing live radio broadcasts (Zrock, KPFT, Classic Rock 107) festival stages (two Party on the Plaza dates), and club concerts (opening for Molly Hatchet and Johnny Winter).

In 1995, Greg was invited to visit Lakewood Church. It was there under the preaching of John Osteen that Greg turned his life over to Jesus. His drumming and love for music than took on a renewed passion and purpose.

He met friend and guitarist John Eiler, and the pair teamed up to bring a fresh musical expression into Christian churches who were hungry for something new and different. Forming the duo "Sound of Victory", Greg found the sound of the djembe to be the perfect foundation for this praise and worship team - and this was the beginning step in his transition to hand drums.

Conga, doumbek, framedrums, cymbals, gongs, and a table or two full of various other sounds made their way into this multi-national offering, with guitarist Eiler on 6 and 12 string accoustic, mandolin, and Irish bouzouki.

As part of "Sound of Victory", Greg has traveled and performed around Texas and Kansas including:

Hermann Park Outreach

Tommy and Rachel Birchfield's Bible school camp, Columbus, Texas.

Trumpets of the Lord - Augusta, Kansas

High Point Church - Arlington, Texas

In 1997, Greg released two solo recordings: Joyful Noise and Stir, (both out of print) a combination of alternative rock, acoustic, hip hop and spoken word.

In 2002, Greg was invited to teach hand drumming and drumset at Houston Percussion Center, (Houston's only specialty drum and percussion store). He currently facilitates the drum circle every month.

Greg has also done in-store clinics for REMO drums, performed in the Downtown Rhythms Festival in Victoria,Tx and has been sponsored by The Victoria Symphony Society & The Cuero Cultural Heritage Foundation to bring his passion for drumming to elementary schools in both cities - to play and teach the children about the sounds of the nations and how the fun of drumming relates to the environments of the classroom and life.

In addition to teaching at Houston Percussion and Great Southern Music, he currently plays with Sound of Victory, and classic rock band Evolution (featuring Richard Carothers and Steve Swain of Blowtorch Repair), and is the drummer/percussionist at two area churches.

With the release of his solo CD Suburban Percussion coming soon, Greg plans to continue teaching and drumming in schools, churches, on stage, and in community drum circles, to continue to study hand drums and percussion-their sounds, history, indigenous rhythms, and to play passionately from the heart bringing these sounds to everyone.

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