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Grant Collins

Described as a 'master drummer' and one of 'Australia's hottest professional drummers', Grant Collins has an intense, almost spiritual passion for the drums. This infatuation has taken him all over Australia, performing for thousands at sold out venues, dueting with internationally renowned drummers, pushing the limits and boundaries as a solo performer and culminating with the success of his exciting debut CD, Primal Instinct.Grant is one of the forerunners in the industry, forever pushing the boundaries of music and leading the cutting edge of creative and unconventional drumming.
Graduating from the Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Music in 1997, he was named 'Winner of the Australian Academy of Music Composition competition' during his first year of study.
In '96, Grant's success in 'Australia's Best Up and Coming Drummer Competition' in Melbourne, led to worldwide sponsorships with major cymbal and drum companies, and also to clinics and workshops along the entire east coast of Australia.
1997 was an exceptional year for Grant. He was invited to play at the prestigious Zildjian Day For Drummers, the first Australian ever to do so. A press release at the time reported that "Grant Collins proved quite a crowd pleaser as he detailed some of his amazing patterns and pieces on a kit that can only be described as 'having one of everything' . . . the amazing thing is Grant does use it all and played all twelve pedals to an audience who found it all very entertaining". During this time he performed as a soloist, and also dueted with well known American drummer, Dennis Chambers. In '98, Grant was again invited to represent Australia at the Ultimate Drummers Day, held in Melbourne. He was a featured artist alongside international drummers such as Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl, Chad Wackerman and Dom Famularo.
1998 saw Grant tour with Greg Bissonett (USA), performing a cross-cultural and somewhat international drum show in major capital cities. Touring heavily all over Queensland and New South Wales in 1999, he also worked with Dom Famularo (USA) in the Australian Academy of Music International Percussion Festival.

National Drum Magazine, Drum Scene, has called Grant a 'one man percussion orchestra'. A Cairns newspaper described his kit as 'a drum village'. What has caused such a sensation in the music industry? His kit is the largest drum kit in the southern hemisphere. With a vast array of unique parts including over 20 drums, over 20 cymbals, 15 different pedals, 11 toms, 5 bass drums and 4 snares, it's quite easy to see why he has been called 'one of the nation's most respected percussionists'. The $50,000 kit takes a 2 man team nearly 2 hours to assemble, prompting comments such as 'the kit looks more like an artistic sculpture than an instrument' (The Morning Bulletin) and 'Grant will blow you away with his dynamic playing and showmanship, not to mention his massive drumkit!' (Lander's Music NSW).

1999 saw the long awaited release of Grant's debut CD. Entitled Primal Instinct, the totally live CD consists of tracks that are all first takes. It contains no overdubs and no click tracks were used, making it an innovative and daring release. Well known Australian drummer, David Jones, said 'it sounds HUGE' and that Grant was 'playing wonderfully well and using so many exciting concepts and sounds'. World renowned American drum set artist Steve Smith said, 'I was knocked out. Amazing ideas and chops. The double bass pieces are too much!'. Grant is currently composing pieces for his second solo album.

As well as performing, Grant also has a busy teaching studio in Brisbane and is currently Associate Lecturer in Jazz Percussion at the Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music. He has also been invited to perform as a solo artist by a number of Australia's leading Music Conservatories and Universities, recently accepting an invitation to perform and conduct workshops at the new International Music Academy located in Bangkok.

Perhaps it is best summed up by internationally renowned drummer, Dom Famularo, who had this to say about Grant:
"I travel the world performing and meeting many great drummers. It is not often I hear someone who is on the cutting edge of modern drum set performance. Well, in Australia I heard that person...Grant Collins! When you hear him, be prepared for the ride he will take you on... you will remember it for the rest of your life!"

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