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Giulio Caneponi

Giulio Caneponi is born to Rome the 07/01/68, when the mother noticed that she was destroying the service of pots, he had approximately eight years, therefore in family decided of comprargli the first small battery. It was approached therefore the instrument, at first attending the Popular School Ciac of Rome, for approximately four years, under the attention of Giuseppe GIAMPIETRO and later on from privatisti, with programs of studies
Americans, until arriving, like self-taught, stilisticamente to mature ways to interpret the percussions in personal way.
Already young it begins to collaborate with various groups of cover and musicians of optimal extraction already it asserts to you like turnisti, therefore activity in recording study and, various productions or record autoproduzioni with emergent groups and singers.

They follow numerous seminaries with names type: To MARANGOLO, P. ERSKINE, To. GOLINO etc and i BERKLEY CLINICS in the 89 to Perugia, with to continuation one proposed of scholarship to Boston; it has carried out same he from the ' 90 to the ' 95 didactic activity privately and in three private schools of music. The audition with ITALIAN ORCHESTRA FILARMONICA STRAUSSIANA like percussionista, accumulateing very 15 wins in the ' 91 attests you of signed participation, between which tenutosi International Prize FOYER DES ARTISTES to the Wisdom of Rome. It consolidates in those years other experiences in organic classics and sinfonici, between which the ORCHESTRA of the WORK BEAUX ART and other small ensemble.
In the ' 92 sound with ORCHESTRA SINFONICA YOUNG ITALIAN MUSIC, directed from Mark Werba for the sonorous columns of films "Eggs of garofano" and the "dew Seeker" of Silvano AGOSTI, composed from D.IACONO; in the ' 92 it always gains the audition for ORCHESTRA JAZZ EXPERIENCES THEM "Ade Classic" of Paul DAMIANI, like drummer, introduced also to International Festival ATINA JAZZ.

Summer ' 92 sound with the RED tournée of Luciano; (like drummer); June ' 92 sound to the Olympic Stage with Roberto MARIANI (production IT Record), sound for a brano of the disc of debut of ENSLAVED Francesca (production IT Record) and sound in several manifestations with the group former Rock GUERNICA MONDORAMA (production EMI Record); it works irregularly in RAI for wireless productions; sound in the video "not to stop you" of the GUERNICA (production EMI Record) passage on VIDEOMUSIC and MAGIC TV; sound from the ' 92 with the PEPPERLAND (band rinomata in executing all the repertorio of the BEATLES of according to period, 1966 - 1970), still today active and present one in the greater part of the beatlesiane national manifestations in Italy like the ADRIAN Theatre in the ' 95, the PALLADIUM to Rome, Theatre VESPASIANO of Rieti, Theatre PARIOLI and the GREEK Theatre of Rome in the ' 98 etc.

Between the ' 93 and the ' 94 work in study for one long series of funkyloop (pattern of battery), for Dance productions, Tecno, Acid Jazz; sound with group THE ORDER (Tecno) to rave INSANITY RAGE (with instrumentation electronic).

Sound to the International Festival MUSICAL AUTUMN of Como to Theatre PARIOLI of Rome, 13,02,95 (50° the Anniversary one of To MARINETTI) in the two composed and directed sinfonie Rap from Maximum NUNZI with FRANKIE Hi-nrg and ICE ONE, in an organic one selezionatissimo of 24 elements, between which the section of percussionisti of the SCALE of Milan, Gilda Buttà, Diego Conti, Maurizio Benomar etc. In the ' 98 it works with Antonio OF POFI for the sonorous column of the film "the VOLUNTEERS".

The true history of the introduced Beatles "to the NATIONAL Theatre of Rome works in study with the PEPPERLAND for musics of the teatrale show of MARK MALTAURO";

With Mark MALTAURO beautiful day always works for musics of the teatrale show "One; and for the FLIGHT Of the A.BASSETTI ROOSTER.

It collaborates for the Theatre for the shows "the whitewasher", "Men and Is gone", "the Solitary Venere" "Inner Tamagotchi" and "koroyan milk bars", written from Valentina FERLAN for the direction of Ivano DE MATTEO, musics are all originate them and played from the alive one during the show.

It participates like integrating part to plan ALTRAFORMA with to continuation the escape of the disc of called debut Altraforma Soirèe, with hosts like Javier Girotto, Gianluca Ruggeri, Andrea Polinelli, the disc produced from MAP will exit to June 2001.


It participates to numerous Jam session jazz, intercrossing itself to Perugia with names like CEDAR WALTON, M.ULGREW MILLER, G.TOMMASO, TONY SCOTT, CARL LOFFREDO, MARCELLO ROSE etc.

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